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March 26


Hyatt Regency Hotel
101 Great America Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA 95054
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IoT Device Security Conference

March 26


The IoT Device Security Conference, now in its third year, is produced by OpenSystems Media’s brands: Embedded Computing Design, IoT Design, Automotive Embedded Systems, and Industrial AI & Machine Learning.

The 2020 IoT Device Security Conference will focus on securing all aspects of Industrial Environments, Automotive Platforms, and Mass-Market/Consumer Products, from the Edge to the Cloud, using techniques like AI and machine learning. The conference caters to Design Engineers, System Developers, Programmers, Engineering Managers and Directors, and C-Level Executives.

TCG will be exhibiting during the show, conducting in booth videos and more.


Booth Demonstration – Infineon Technologies

Securing IoT with Trusted Computing

Building automation and security systems have been prime candidates for IoT integration to maximize efficiency and responsiveness. However, this integration brings a higher level of risk. This demo shows how proven Trusted Computing technologies such as TPM and TNC can be integrated into Smart Building systems to improve security without compromising efficiency



At 9:45 AM (Pacific), TCG member, Steve Hanna, Senior Principal, Infineon Technologies, will present on IEC 62443:  How to Achieve the Highest Levels of Industrial Security.

“In recent years, a rising tide of cyber attacks on industrial systems have threatened safety and reliability. The world has learned that there is no industrial safety without cyber security. But during these same years, an international group of experts has developed a comprehensive standard for industrial security. The IEC 62443 standards have been widely praised for their use of practical but effective countermeasures.”

Steve, will also be speaking on Hardware Security for Industrial IoT Success at 2:00 PM (Pacific)

“With the emergence of Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0, Industrial systems are increasingly connected. As recent attacks have shown, this connectivity brings risks along with its benefits. Fortunately, security measures have been developed to address these threats and standards such as IEC 62443 have been created to guide people in using them. To properly protect our critical systems, we must learn about these defenses, especially how and when to deploy them.”


For a complete agenda please visit the conference website here: http://iotdevicesecurityconference.com/agenda.html


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TCG is a proud Gold Sponsor of the IoT Device Security Conference


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