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TPM Improves Mobile Security with New Specification for Mobile Devices

Date Published: December, 16, 2014

It’s no secret that more users, including those in the workplace, rely on their mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, and similar mobile devices to get work done. Likewise, nobody argues that these devices are totally secure. There are many software-based secu… READ MORE

SWING – Storage Goes to Vegas Yet Again

Date Published: December, 10, 2014

Storage With Intense Network Growth, or SWING, is the theme of this year’s January 4-5, 2015 Storage Visions conference, which will host a number of storage technologies and products just ahead of the 2015 CES in Vegas. This conference traditionally ha… READ MORE


An Apple a Day, or Preventative Compliance Testing of Network Security

Date Published: December, 05, 2014

Since first announcing its Trusted Network Connect (TNC) architecture, the Trusted Computing Group has worked steadily to improve the ability of network security and IT professionals to ensure that only healthy, known, and compliant devices can connect to… READ MORE

Self-Encrypting Drives Take off for Strong Data Protection

Date Published: March, 01, 2010

About a year ago, Trusted Computing Group released the Opal Security Subsystem Class Specification for PC clients and the Enterprise Security Subsystem Class Specification for data center storage. These specifications provide a blueprint for hard disk dri… READ MORE


Date Published: February, 04, 2010

投稿者 TCG in Action ※これは2010年2月4日にTCG公式サイトのコミュニティーページ(英語版)に掲載された原文を日本語に直接訳した文章です。詳細につきましては、原文を参照いただきます�… READ MORE

Trusted Storage Arrives!

Date Published: January, 01, 2009

With apologies to Shakespeare: To be or not to be trusted storage, that is the question. The question is answered - "be trusted" - with the publication of the major work effort of the TCG Storage Work Group. That effort has been intensive and has activ… READ MORE