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8 Views of Security from RSA: Internet of Things Lacks Root of Trust

Date Published: April, 01, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO — The Internet of Things, along with everything else, is insecure. The U.S. government wants to help with that and other security problems — if you still trust them. Those were two of several messages from the annual RSA Conference here… READ MORE

RSAC15 Roundup

Date Published: April, 01, 2015

Michela Menting, Practice Director The RSA Conference 2015 was a busy one for me this year and I met up with about 30 different companies during the week. The big topics this year that I wanted to highlight flowed around automation, threat intelligence … READ MORE

Bold Reform Needed to Strengthen Our Cybersecurity

Date Published: January, 01, 2015

Mr. President, the status quo in cybersecurity is failing this country. It is failing our commercial sector, which is being publicly breached on a weekly basis, and it is failing our government sector as well. It is time to take bold and decisive action t… READ MORE

Decrypt This: Professional-Grade Encryption for the Average Person

Date Published: December, 01, 2014

Author: Chris Stobing On one muggy morning in June of 2013, a journalist for the news organization The Guardian rolled out of her bed, and opened her laptop. On it was an email from an address she didn’t recognize, with a message from a man she’d nev… READ MORE

The Fundamentals of FDE: Comparing the Top Full Disk Encryption Products

Date Published: December, 01, 2014

Author: Karen Scarfone Full disk encryption (FDE) is widely used on a variety of desktop and mobile device operating systems. This technology helps secure important information and prevents breaches by encrypting all of the data on a hard drive at rest. … READ MORE

Secure is the New Black: The Evolution of Secure Mobile Technology for Government Agencies

Date Published: June, 01, 2014

Author: Nate Rushfinn The CSD 3324 telephone and fax system has provided the Department of Defense (DoD) with secure voice and fax communications for years. Using the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm and the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, this old work hor… READ MORE

Making Security Part of the Government Mobility Game Plan

Date Published: June, 01, 2014

Author: James Poole In our increasingly digital world, our nation’s information security is just as important as its physical security. With President Obama declaring that cyber threats are “one of the most serious economic and national security chal… READ MORE

TCG Releases TPM 2.0 Specification for Improved Security

Date Published: April, 01, 2014

Author: Warwick Ashford The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has announced the availability of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 library specification. TPMs are designed to provide a secure root of trust to protect data in computers and mobile devices … READ MORE

Citizen Apple: A Spotty Record of Giving Back to Tech

Date Published: April, 01, 2014

Author: Paul F. Roberts Apple is the world's most valuable company - and one of its wealthiest. The Cupertino, Calif. firm reported a quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion on record revenue of $57.6 billion in its most recent fiscal quarter and is engage… READ MORE

“Cold” Topics at RSA that Should Receive More Attention

Date Published: February, 01, 2014

Author: Jon Oltsik The industry should be talking about the security skills shortage, open security standards, and automation but these subjects will get minimal lip service. In my blog yesterday, I outlined the hot topics I anticipate at this year's RSA… READ MORE