TCG News Releases

TCG Experts Host Session On Trust and Security at Trusted Cyber Collaboration Workshop

Date Published: September, 01, 2014

Asguard Networks, Hewlett-Packard, Infineon Technologies, Juniper Networks and Wave Systems Will Talk Trusted Clouds and Mobile Devices, Virtual Smart Cards, Security Automation and ICS Security PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 15, 2014 –Member experts from the T… READ MORE

Stop Data Breaches Now: A Webinar on Self-encrypting Drives for the Enterprise

Date Published: July, 01, 2014

What: The Trusted Computing Group will host a free webinar July 16 on data protection. Data breaches continue to cost businesses big money - and not just legal costs, fines and lost business. The huge, recent Target incident has proven that a large … READ MORE

Flash Memory Sumit Sessions to Address SSD Security with Trusted Computing Group

Date Published: July, 01, 2014

What: Attendees of the Aug. 5-7 Flash Memory Summit will learn how to use standards-based encrypting solid state disk (SSD) drives to protect against data loss and theft. Trusted Computing Group storage and security experts will participate in two sessio… READ MORE

Using The TPM To Solve Today's Most Urgent Cybersecurity Problems

Date Published: May, 01, 2014

What: The Trusted Computing Group will host a free webinar on how to use the TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, to solve today’s cybersecurity problems. With the recent discovery of the flaw in OpenSSL, Heartbleed, even the least computer-savvy among us … READ MORE

Trusted Computing Group Releases TPM 2.0 Specification for Improved Platform and Device Security

Date Published: April, 01, 2014

Trusted Platform Module 2.0 Specification Provides Critical, Vendor Neutral Technology to Respond to Security Demands in Today’s Volatile Threat Landscape Portland, Ore., April 9, 2014 –The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has announced the availability… READ MORE

Endpoint Compliance, Data Protection, Identity Management, Mobile Security, Embedded Security, and Security Automation Themes of TCG RSA Conference 2014 Demonstrations

Date Published: February, 01, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 24, 2014 – Members of the Trusted Computing Group today will show RSA® Conference 2014 attendees how deeply its concepts, including the root of trust, have extended into enterprise computing. In Room 2018 of Moscone West, 19 compani… READ MORE

Security Industry Analysts and Experts to Headline Trusted Computing Group RSA Conference 2014 Session

Date Published: January, 01, 2014

Jon Oltsik, Victor Wheatman, Paul Roberts and Gal Shpantzer Join Panelists from DMI, Intel, Juniper Networks, JWSecure, Microsoft, Mobile Active Defense, NIST and Boeing for Sessions on Security Automation, TPM and Mobile Security PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 7, … READ MORE

Storage Work Group Optical Storage Summary

Date Published: October, 01, 2008

Trusted Computing Group Optical Storage Summary October 2008 The Trusted Computing Group has identified removable optical storage as a critical element of data security. The TCG Optical Storage Subgroup Security Subsystem Class (SSC) specification… READ MORE