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TCG Software Stack (TSS) Specification

The TCG TPM 1.2 Main specification defines a subsystem with protected storage and protected capabilities. This subsystem is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Since the TPM is both a subsystem intended to provide trust and to be an inexpensive component, resources within it are restricted. This narrowing of the resources, while making the security properties easier and cheaper to build and veri... READ MORE

TCG Storage Opal Test Cases

The Opal Test Cases Specification contains a set of tests that are intended to verify the correct behavior of a storage device implementing the Opal SSC Specification. These test cases are intended to be used as a basis for the compliance component of the projected Storage certification program, which would seek to ensure a high level of interoperability of storage devices from multiple vendors. ... READ MORE

PC Client Work Group Specific Implementation Specification for Conventional Bios

The Trusted Computing Group's architecture is a platform independent architecture to enhance trust on computing platforms. As such, the TCG Main Specification is general in specifying both hardware and software requirements. The goal of the TCG member companies is to ensure compatibility among implementations within each computing architecture. It is expected that companion implementation document... READ MORE

FAQ: TCG EFI Protocol and Platform Specification for TPM 1.2

FAQ's for TCG EFI Protocol and Platform Specification Version 1.22 for TPM 1.2 TCG EFI Protocol and Platform Specification Version 1.22 for TPM 1.2 FAQ January 2014 Why was this update needed? These specifications were last updated in 2006. Since then, a number of errata and issues were identified and several new measurements were requested. There was confusion due to overlaps and inconsiste... READ MORE

TPM Library Specification

TCG has released the TPM 2.0 library specification that provides updates to the previous published TPM main specifications. The changes and enhancements compared to the existing TPM 1.2 include: Support for additional cryptographic algorithms Enhancements to the availability of the TPM to applications Enhanced authorization mechanisms Simplified TPM management Additional capabi... READ MORE

PC Client Platform TPM Profile (PTP) Specification

The TCG Main specifications define a TPM for use on any generic platform. Platform-specific functionality is defined in platform specifications such as this document. This document details the additional features that SHALL be implemented by a TPM for a PC Client platform. Latest Version: TCG PC Client Platform TPM Profile (PTP) Specification, Family 2.0, Revision 00.43 Errata for Conside... READ MORE

TPM 2.0 Mobile Command Response Buffer Interface Specification

The Trusted Computing Group has published three Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 Mobile Specifications: TPM 2.0 Mobile Reference Architecture TPM 2.0 Mobile Common Profile TPM 2.0 Mobile Command Response Buffer Interface The TPM 2.0 Mobile Reference Architecture Specification defines architecture for the implementation of a TPM 2.0 Library Specification-compliant TPM executing within a Prot... READ MORE

Developers - Trusted Platform Module - Specifications

Specifications in Public Review This page contains all specifications that are currently in public review. ... December 2015 | Specifications | Vendor ID Registry This document contains the registry of allocated vendor IDs. ... September 2015 | Specifications | TCG Physical Presence Interface Specification The Physical Presence Interface utilizes the industry-standard Advanced Configuration a... READ MORE

Errata for TPM Library Specification 2.0

This document describes errata and clarifications for the TCG Trusted Platform Module Library Version 2.0 Revision 1.16 and 1.38 as published. The information in this document is likely –but not certain– to be incorporated into a future version of the specification. Suggested fixes proposed in this document may be modified before being published in a later TCG Specification. Latest Version:... READ MORE

Storage Work Group Storage Interface Interactions Specification

The TCG Storage specifications are intended to provide a comprehensive command architecture for putting storage devices under policy control as determined by the trusted platform host, the capabilities of the storage device to conform with the policies of the trusted platform, and the lifecycle state of the storage device as a trusted peripheral (TPer). This document also serves as a specification... READ MORE

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