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Architect’s Guide: Mobile Security Using TNC Technology

This Architect’s Guide gives a basic framework for mobile security based on industry-standard TNC technologies from the Trusted Computing Group. Network designers can use this as a starting point for their own deployment, and can see best practices learned from over five years of real-world deployment of network access control in organizational networks. Mobility means empowering staff to work ... READ MORE

TCG BYOD Architect’s Guide

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a rapidly evolving challenge to corporate and information technology (IT) cultures. Instead of having all computing devices supplied by the employer, employees are eager to bring their own smartphones, tablets, and laptops into the work environment. Unlike many changes in the corporate environment, employees have embraced BYOD and are excited about using their own ... READ MORE

TCG Architect’s Guides

TCG has published a new series of architect's guides to do just that - provide step-by-step blueprints with examples and tips. Topics for the first three in the series include Mobile Security Using TNC Technology, BYOD Security Using TCG Technology, and Comply to Connect Using TNC Technology. In each case, companies worldwide have built on TCG's specifications to provide tools that provide securit... READ MORE

TCG Comply to Connect Architect’s Guide

Comply to Connect is a standards-based approach to managing access to corporate networks, both from within and with¬out, on multiple devices as long as the health and state of the devices can be verified. Just as risk is not a binary (yes or no) concept, neither is compli­ance. Comply to Connect solutions allow an organization to set policies that define granular access to resources, and enable ... READ MORE

Circle of Trust

For more information on joining the Trusted Computing Group as a corporate or liaison member, please visit: Join Now! How-To Architect's Guides: TCG has published a series of architect's guides that provide step-by-step blueprints with examples and tips. In each of the guides, companies worldwide have built on TCG's specifications to provide tools that provide security. Now those in the trenches ... READ MORE

TCG Security Automation Architects Guide

Security automation enables network and security systems to provide dynamic, responsive protection with automated handling of routine security tasks, allowing administrators to focus on critical areas such as threat analysis and policy development. This streamlined approach to enterprise security improves efficiency and reduces cost, and enhances an organization's ability to monitor and respond to... READ MORE

TCG Data Security Architects Guide

With increasing global regulations for data security and the increasing consequences of non-compliance from privacy protection and breach notification laws, enterprises must take the appropriate steps to protect the data entrusted to them by others as well as their own proprietary corporate information. Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) provide protection for data in storage and meet compliance crite... READ MORE

Data Security Using TCG Self-Encrypting Drive Technology

This architect’s guide focuses on the deployment of available SED products in the enterprise (both laptops and the data center), highlighting best practices for implementation in a variety of case studies. Architects Guide Data Security Using TCG Self-Encrypting Drive Technology... READ MORE

Architect's Guide: Cybersecurity

Enterprises are under attack — and the frequency and severity of the resulting breaches continues to escalate. No one is immune, and the odds of success remain in attackers’ favor. A single employee, clicking on a link in a phishing email, can be all an attacker needs to establish a beachhead inside an enterprise network that can be used to steal secrets or sabotage systems. This Architect’s... READ MORE

Architects Guide: ICS Security Using TNC Technology

Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) are increasingly being connected to networks and exposed to viruses, malware, and attacks that affect other network-connected systems. As a result, many standards organizations including the International Society of Automation (ISA), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) [as well as the Internet Engineering Task... READ MORE

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