TCG Trusted Network Communications for Mobile Platforms

07/27/2018 White Paper

Wireless mobile devices face many of the same threats that target  traditional endpoints and their software is subject to similar types of vulnerabilities that attract malicious activity. Insecure devices are a threat to the security and privacy of device owner/users. In addition, insecure devices can also be vectors for attacks against the mobile networks to which they are connected. Thus, both for the protection of their users and for the protection of their own services, mobile network and service  providers need to be able to detect and respond to insecure and compromised devices.


To offer the desired convenience without sacrificing the security and privacy of their users, network and service providers need some level of assurance that a mobile device is healthy (uncompromised) and can be trusted before allowing access to their services. This requires a way to measure the health of a mobile device and a means to convey the measurements to authorized parties. To address these and other challenges, the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is developing standards-based solutions to mobile device trust and security issues.