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Security by Design: Highlights from the JRF’s Open Workshop

Date Published: May, 07, 2024

Last month, the Japan Regional Forum held the ‘TCG’s Challenge for Next Generation Cyber Security’ open workshop. Aiming to enhance IT and cybersecurity literacy across Japan, participants were able to learn more about Roots-of-Trust (RoT) at the ha… READ MORE

Safeguarding the Future of AI: The Imperative for Responsible Development

Date Published: October, 17, 2023

In the midst of the Artificial Intelligence revolution, we stand at a pivotal juncture that demands our collective attention and action. The extraordinary capabilities of artificial intelligence have the potential to reshape industries, economies, and soc… READ MORE

Trusted Computing: The essential building blocks to a secure system

Date Published: October, 17, 2023

Trust is one of the most valuable commodities in the world. Without trust, commerce doesn’t function, systems break down, and the networks of computers and internet-connected devices we have all come to rely on cannot operate. The cornerstone of comp… READ MORE

Why hackers love EV charging ports, and how to make them trustworthy

Date Published: August, 01, 2023

By Eoin Carroll, Vehicle Services Work Group As of 2023 there are now 1.7 million electric cars in operation in the USA, a 325% increase from 400,000 in just four years. These are typically cheaper to fuel than petrol-or diesel-powered vehicles and oft… READ MORE

Avoid the ‘Space Raiders’: Ensuring satellite security through TCG standards

Date Published: June, 01, 2023

The EU Commission and High Representative recently announced the ‘European Space Strategy for Security and Defence’ for the first time. Within this strategy, the Commission outlined plans to provide a framework for safety, security, and sustainability… READ MORE

DICE DPE: Simplifying your options for easy implementation

Date Published: May, 11, 2023

By Dennis Mattoon, Co-Chair of the DICE Work Group In most large devices, a hardware Root-of-Trust (RoT), such as the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), is used to help defend against firmware attacks. Over a billion devices currently have a TPM inside of… READ MORE

Overcoming attacks against the data center with trusted computing methodology

Date Published: April, 20, 2023

By Dennis Mattoon, Co-Chair of the Data Center Work Group Owing to the value of information and applications stored in them, data centers remain key targets for cybercriminals. A series of cyberattacks carried out between September 2021 and January 202… READ MORE

Overcoming threats to Vehicle Security with Secure Role and Rights Management

Date Published: March, 16, 2023

Introduction The rise of fully autonomous vehicles may soon render car ownership obsolete, as ride-sharing companies like Uber embrace the concept of driverless cars. To survive, automotive manufacturers must develop business models that allow feature … READ MORE

Accurately attest the integrity of devices with DICE

Date Published: February, 21, 2023

With 20 billion connected devices expected to be in use by 2030, the increasingly digitised world requires more advanced technological innovations to combat the proliferation of cyber-attacks. With more Internet of Things (IoT) devices, there comes an add… READ MORE

Developing Cyber Resilient Devices in the Wake of Growing Attacks

Date Published: February, 07, 2023

Society has become increasingly connected through Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and with the ever-growing movement towards remote working, cyber resilience has never been more crucial. Personal computers often have less hardware and parts compared to … READ MORE