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Tell Us About Your Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Systems Security Fears, Plans and Ideas

Date Published: January, 30, 2017

Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has teamed with Embedded Computing Design to find out more about how developers and designers, as well as providers of various elements of these systems, are thinking about security. We all know that traditional embedded s… READ MORE

Trusting the Supply Chain

Date Published: January, 17, 2017

Connectivity from companies to their suppliers and the many others involved in complex manufacturing operations presents a challenging IT security problem - largely because so many elements of this supply chain and its connectivity are beyond the control … READ MORE

Remembering Storage and SED Expert Michael Willett

Date Published: January, 12, 2017

Many TCG members and those in the storage community fondly recall Dr. Michael Willet, who died Dec. 24, 2016 after a short illness. Willett previously represented Seagate and Samsung in TCG and was a tireless, globetrotting evangelist and advocate … READ MORE

Network Equipment Security Will Be Critical in 2017

Date Published: January, 11, 2017

TCG has been working on an important new area for security: network equipment. While much has been made of protecting data on the network, the actual equipment has been somewhat shortchanged on security. This is critical, since it is possible - and perhap… READ MORE

Everything You Wanted to Know About the TPM: TCG Webcast January 31, 2017

Date Published: January, 10, 2017

Visitors to the TCG website,, still view documents associated with the TPM, or Trusted Module Platform, more frequently than any other topic. In 2016, TCG released its TPM 2.0 Library Specification ( http://www.tru… READ MORE

STMicro Releases New Security Modules with TPM 2.0

Date Published: December, 01, 2016

Long-time TCG member STMicroelectronics has long implemented the TCG TPM specifications. This week, it announced a new product line. From their site ( “…STMicroelect… READ MORE

Save the Data, or Making It Simple to Make Sure Data Is Protected with SEDs

Date Published: November, 18, 2016

TCG and its members created a non-proprietary way to ensure data on storage devices, such as hard disk drives or solid state (flash) drives. The industry specifications for self-encrypting drives (… READ MORE

Save the Data: A TCG Webcast on How to Protect Data, Wherever It Lives

Date Published: October, 31, 2016

Data has exploded across devices and things. No matter where it lives, and whether it is sensitive personal, medical or financial data or photos and music, data remains highly vulnerable, In fact, breaches occur daily and the growing number of interconnec… READ MORE

Resources for Using the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 Library Specification

Date Published: October, 13, 2016

Trusted Computing Group’s TPM 2.0 Library Specification, recently adopted as an ISO/IEC 11889:2015 standard (, is a new way to implement TPM and t… READ MORE

TCG – Where the Experts and Applications Speak

Date Published: September, 27, 2016


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