As industry standard organizations, including the Trusted Computing Group, continue to address new use cases, platforms, environments, and other challenges related to attestation, it is important to strive for consistency across standards.  The Attestation work group (ATWG) aims to ensure that attestation related specifications, references, and guidance from TCG are consistent across work groups.  Attestation work group deliverables take a TCG-wide perspective to integrate existing attestation related work.  In addition, the ATWG provides a framework and terminology enabling TCG work groups to focus on WG-specific content and to avoid repetitive and potentially contradictory attestation terminology definitions and architecture.


Another important goal of the Attestation work group is to consider compatibility and interoperability with other industry efforts focused on attestation.


Dennis Mattoon
Microsoft Research
Dennis Mattoon is an Architect for Microsoft Research. As one of the founding members of the Security and Privacy Research and Engineering team in MSR, he and his team have spent the last 10+ years focused on advances in trusted computing and system security. His most recent work has been on the Device Identifier Composition Engine Specifications (DICE), Robust and Resilient IoT (RIoT), and the Cyber-Resilient Platform Initiative. ( In addition to chairing the Attestation, Supply Chain Security, and DICE workgroups, Dennis has previously represented Microsoft on TCG efforts including DRTM, development of the TPM 2.0 reference implementation, and TSS.  Dennis was also responsible for Microsoft partner enablement/adoption of TPM 2.0 as well as the TSS.MSR  and Trusted Applications projects from Microsoft Research.
Henk Birkholz
Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology
Henk is a researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology taking on the role of a Standards Expert. He co-chairs the TCG Attestation work group, and the Operations and Management Area working group in the IETF. In collaboration with international stakeholders from government, industry, and academia, Henk creates standards and architectures in global support of trustworthy and confidential computing. He has been an active leader in trusted computing standards since 2016, was the lead proponent in chartering the IETF Remote Attestation procedures working group, and is currently co-chairing the chartering of the emerging IETF IOT Operations working group. His work is focused on enabling semantic interoperability and security automation in fields of application ranging from critical infrastructure to constrained node environments. In TCG, he contributed to specifications in work groups, such as TNC, Infrastructure or NetEq. Henk’s engagement in standards communities stems from his natural curiosity and is motivated by his interest in connecting with people and their stories. Consequently, collaborating with colleagues, clients, co-authors, and friends is crucial for his work and helps him to grasp and phrase precise problem statements and ultimately address them.
Ned Smith
Intel Corporation