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The PC Client Work Group defines the capabilities and behavior of TCG technologies such as TPM and Opal in the context of a client endpoint computer (e.g. a laptop, desktop or tablet).  The Workgroup provides specifications, technical requirements and guidance for the TPM and for platform OEMs and firmware vendors interacting with or integrating the TPM in their Platform.


Amy Nelson
Principal Engineer, Distinguished Member Technical Staff
Dell, Inc.
Amy Nelson is an Engineering Technologist and Security Architect in the Data Security Solutions organization in Dell’s Client Solutions Group. Amy represents Dell within the Trusted Computing Group, chairing the PC Client Work Group and the Security Evaluation Work Group. Amy has previously been responsible for architectural requirements for Trusted Platform Module (TPM), encryption hardware, including Dell Data Protection | Hardware Crypto Accelerator, and authentication hardware and software. Amy participates in assurance activities within FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 201 and Common Criteria, serving as an editor for the TCG PC Client Specific Protection Profile for TPM 2.0, chairing working groups performing reviews of TCG specifications for FIPS and CC compliance issues, and presently serving as a Subject Matter Expert in the International Technical Community for the Collaborative Protection Profile for Full Disk Encryption. Amy has 25 years of experience in the PC industry and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University.
Jiewen Yao
Principal Engineer
Jiewen Yao is a Principal Engineer in Intel corporation. He has been working in system firmware for 18 years. His major focus is firmware security, including but not limited to TPM based Measured Boot, Secure Boot, Firmware Resiliency (Secure Firmware Update and Recovery), Intel Trust Domain Extensions (TDX) virtual firmware, SPDM device attestation etc. Currently, Jiewen is the active maintainer of UEFI sample implementation - EDKII (CryptoPkg and SecurityPkg) open source project and DMTF SPDM sample implementation - libspdm open source project. He delivered the technical talks in public conferences including UEFI Webinar, Open Source Firmware Conference (OSFC), Linux Plumber Conference, Linux Security Summit. Jiewen is the first author of the book “Building Secure Firmware” and holds about 40 US patents. He got DMTF Star Award (2021, 2022) and TCG Key Contributor Award (2021).

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