Participation Recognition

TCG Annual Award Program Honorees at the awards ceremony, October 2016.
From left: Mark Schiller, Lee Wilson, Steve Hanna, Tom Laffey, Joerg Borchert

2016 Distinguished Service Award

Steve Hanna, Infineon Technologies

Steve Hanna serves at the co-chair of the Operational Efficiency Committee, Embedded Systems and IoT Work Groups, and has previously served as the co-chair of the Compliance, Compliance TNC, and TNC Work Groups. He also serves on the Board of Directors, and is an active participant and speaker for the Marketing Work Group. Steve’s passion for the IOT has helped pave the way for the IoT to be introduced in ETSI and IOESEC. Steve’s efforts has contributed to the promotion and efficiency of TCG.

David Wooten, Microsoft

David Wooten recently retired from Microsoft after 13+ years where he was a Partner Architect. David co-chaired the TPM Work Group and contributed to the development of TPM 2.0 and other supporting specifications. David aslo worked to contributed to the RTM Work Group and drive the creationof the DICE Architectures Work Group. His knowledge and work on the library specification is unparalleled and his commitment to a high level of quality has contributed to TCG’s success over the years.

2016 Leadership Award

Tom Laffey, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Tom Laffey is co-chair of the Network Equipment Work Group and was a co-chair of the Infrastructure Work Group. Tom has made significant contributions to the IEEE 802.1AR Secure Device Identities, SNP, and SWID TAGS. He spearheaded the the topic of DevIDs and became the leader in that discussion. He has shown a high level of commitment to integrating the TPM and Trusted Computing concepts into industry standards and best practices.

2016 Key Contributors

Michael Willett, Bright Plaza

Michael Willett is currently VP Marketing at Bright Plaza, which is focused on making self-encrypting drives easier to use and more accessible throughout the industry.  He is widely recognized for his work in standards organizations such as the Trusted Computing Group and for his participation in SNIA conferences and at Flash Memory Summit.  He was previously a storage security strategist at Samsung, helping define their self-encryption strategy for storage products.  He helped Samsung produce the first SSD Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) and the only SSD SED that is FIPS-140 certified.  Previously, as a Senior Director at Seagate Research, Willett was a key member of the team that originated the Trusted Computing Group’s (TCG) Trusted Drive and SED concepts.  He also created and chaired the TCG Storage Workgroup. He has also been a design architect at IBM, where he was on the team that developed one of the five finalist algorithms proposed for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Earlier, he was a university professor and published research papers and spoke at many conferences on cryptography.   He received his PhD in mathematics from North Carolina State University.

Kenneth Goldman, IBM

Ken Goldman is a member of the TPM, PC Client , and Compliance Work Groups. He was the editor of the TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0 specifications and is currently working on applying TCG technology to virtualization and hypervisors. He has a complete Unix and Windows TPM 2.0 implementation available for download under a BSD license as IBM’s Software TPM 2.0. with a companion Unix and Windows TSS 2.0 at IBM’s TPM 2.0 TSS., as well as a complete software TPM 1.2 implementation available for download under a BSD license as IBM’s Software Trusted Platform Module.Ken is the coauthor of “A Practical Guide to TPM 2.0 Using the Trusted Platform Module in the New Age of Security”, avaliable as a free download from Apress.

Jun Takei, Intel Corporation

Jun Takei is a Technology Specialist with Intel Corporation and was instrumental in founding of the TCG Japanese Regional Forum and has served as the chair for 7 years. He also contributes to the Annual Open Workshop and Open Seminar for Academia and has been instrumental in building a stronger organization.

Dr. Kathleen Mcgill, Johns Hopkins University


Dr. Kathleen McGill serves as the co-chair of the Mobile Platform Work Group and has been a participant of the TMS Work Group for 5 years. She is a co-editor of the TPM 2.0 Mobile Reference Architecture, editor of the Mobile Specification Implementation Guidance, and has led TCG reviews and comments on several global platforms. Her contributions are firmly grounded in her extensive software and security engineering experience, and have been executed with a high level of professionalism

Carlin Covey, NXP Semiconductors

Carlin Covey is a Principal Engineer in NXP’s Security Technology Center, focusing on hardware support for trust architectures. Carlin has contributed to the TCG Trusted Mobility Solutions (TMS) and Mobile Platform Work Groups since 2011, became a TMS Work Group co-chair in 2013, and is a lead editor in both Mobile Work Groups. Carlin has been active in security engineering for over 30 years, serving as a System Architect for multiple government and commercial hardware/software security systems. He was a technical contributor for Open Mobile Terminal Platform, PKI Forum and IETF PKIX. He holds 10 patents on security-related innovations.

Lee Wilson, Security Innovation

Lee Wilson is a Product Development Engineer at Security Innovation since July of 2015. He is part of SI’s Embedded Systems division.  He is responsible for technical business development of Security Innovation’s TPM Software Stack (TSS) and their NTRU post-quantum asymmetric cryptography and signing algorithms.

Prior to joining Security Innovation, Lee had a 35 year career with IBM.  Initially he did chip design, card design, CAD, and software design. Following that, a large part of his career with IBM was spent in system, network and security architecture. He has been focused on security for the last 10 years.  He was the lead security architect for IBM System X Flex servers.  He served as IBM’s member of the TCG Board of Directors for 3 years and has chaired the TCG D-RTM, VPWG and TSS workgroups.

Lee did his BSEE work at Northwestern University and his MSEE work at Syracuse University.  He is an avid golfer.  He and his wife Pam have raised Scottish Terriers for 35 years.


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Trusted Computing Group announced that its TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) Library Specification was approved as a formal international standard under ISO/IEC (the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission). TCG has 90+ specifications and guidance documents to help build a trusted computing environment.

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