Participation Recognition

The TCG Annual Award Program Honorees for 2020 were acknowledged via Zoom during the Virtual TCG Annual Members Meeting.

2020 Frank Molsberry Distinguished Service Award

Graeme Proudler, Invited Expert

Graeme is currently an Invited Expert and Technical Advisor to the TCG’s Technical Committee, reviewing specifications and other TCG documents for the TC and (sometimes) individual workgroups. He has worked on Trusted Computing for 20 of the past 21 years, and has held various positions in TCG including Editor of the TPM specification and Chair of the Technical Committee. Graeme read Physics at Oxford. After graduation, he designed communication security equipment for the Racal company. At Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (Bristol, UK), he researched computer networks, mobile communication, and Trusted Computing.


Joe Pennisi, Lenovo

Joe Pennisi recently retired as a Distinguished Engineer & Chief Security Architect for Lenovo in the Personal Computer & Smart Devices organization.  He has worked on virtually every aspect of PC technologies for the past 29+ years, from hardware to firmware to software and even cloud services.  For the last 5 years he drove development of Lenovo’s PC&SD Secure development Lifecycle and developed and implemented a set of Security Review Boards to drive these activities.

He served as a TCG Board Director since 2009, and as treasurer from 2011-2016, and again in 2020.  In that time he saw TCG make incredible progress towards improving security in the IT industry through our standards and outreach. He will continue to watch with enthusiasm to see how the incredible knowledge and leadership in this organization to improve security around the broad IoT space.

When not consumed by his Lenovo and TCG activities, Joe also managed to help found The FIDO Alliance, serving there on the Board and as the Alliance’s only Treasurer since its founding in 2012.  In this role, he helped guide the finances of that organization from a membership of 6 to over 250.

On the personal side, He is the Treasurer for the Apex High Cougar Club, and spent 2 years as the Treasurer for the Lufkin Road Middle School Athletic Booster Club. He is a long-time resident of Apex, NC (26 years is a long time for the area), where his wife, Gina, and him live with their 3 college / high-school children.

2020 Leadership Award

Joerg Borchert, Infineon

Joerg Borchert started his career 1988 in the area of Mergers & Acquisition with Siemens AG in Munich. He then moved over into the IT industry and focused on semiconductors,  security application and the business of cybersecurity.

The initial start in the IT business was the deployment of electronic payment cards in  Germany which was accompanied with the split from Siemens AG to Infineon AG.

Joerg’s most significant achievement has been the creation, implementation and support  of operations of the electronic passport for the United States Government from 1996  onwards. It was a truly entrepreneurial achievement with a core leadership team and  large infrastructure for wafer fabs as well as different teams in the Americas and Europe.

The next step in a more diverse direction was the co-operation with Hewlett Packard. This allowed the co-operation between semiconductor companies and system providers. It has been the fertile development environment with HP’s partnership that allowed a broadening of the offering from hardware, firmware to applications. Security has been and still is a corner stone for the next generation ideas. It made TPM a standard product and proliferated the HP brand together with the implementation of the TPM as a security anchor for servers and laptops.

Joerg has served as President and Chairman of TCG for nearly a decade.

Stacy Cannady, Retired

Stacy Cannady spent 40 years in IT industry, including 22 years specialized in the technology, art and business of cybersecurity. During the last 19 years, Stacy represented his employers in TCG, starting in Marketing Work Group (representing IBM and then Lenovo) and progressing to 9 years on the TCG Board of Directors (representing DMI and most recently Cisco). Stacy’s most significant accomplishments were in the business of cybersecurity.  At IBM, he was responsible for the TPM when IBM decided to make TPM a standard feature of ThinkPad, the first laptop Brand to take that step. At Lenovo, he drove Security from a brand attribute of ThinkPad to a business portfolio consisting of award-winning hardware, firmware and software offerings, including unique security offerings the integrated third party software with ThinkPad firmware. At Cisco he was focused on education and content that bridged the divide between Security Operations and Business Leadership. Stacy retired in early 2020.

2020 Key Contributors

Henk Birkholz, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology

Henk is a researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology taking on the role of a Standards Expert. He co-chairs the TCG Attestation work group, and the Operations and Management Area working group in the IETF. In collaboration with international stakeholders from government, industry, and academia, Henk creates standards and architectures in global support of trustworthy and confidential computing. He has been an active leader in trusted computing standards since 2016, was the lead proponent in chartering the IETF Remote Attestation procedures working group, and is currently co-chairing the chartering of the emerging IETF IOT Operations working group. His work is focused on enabling semantic interoperability and security automation in fields of application ranging from critical infrastructure to constrained node environments. In TCG, he contributed to specifications in work groups, such as TNC, Infrastructure or NetEq.
Henk’s engagement in standards communities stems from his natural curiosity and is motivated by his interest in connecting with people and their stories. Consequently, collaborating with colleagues, clients, co-authors, and friends is crucial for his work and helps him to grasp and phrase precise problem statements and ultimately address them.

Kathleen McGill, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab

Kathleen is a member of Senior Professional Staff at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) Asymmetric Operations Sector. Her research at APL focuses on system security engineering, defensive cyber solutions, and trusted computing technologies for desktop, server, and mobile platforms. Kathleen has contributed to the TCG Mobile Platform Work Group since 2011, became a MPWG Work Group co-chair in 2015, and received a TCG Key Contributor award in 2016. She has contributed to numerous technical specifications and informative reference documents, such as the TCG Mobile Reference Architecture and the TCG Runtime Integrity Preservation in Mobile Devices. Kathleen also serves as the primary point-of-contact on the formal collaboration between the Trusted Computing Group and GlobalPlatform.

Nick Grobelny, Dell

Nick is an Engineering Technologist at Dell with 19 years of experience in the PC Client organization, and his current role in the Security Strategy team focuses on system firmware resilience and roots of trust. Throughout his career, he has worked in a variety of technical roles, including PC Client motherboard electrical engineering, firmware and driver systems engineering, software architecture, and UEFI BIOS architecture, with the last 10 years being focused primarily on delivering security solutions. With TCG, he has participated in reviews for various TCG specifications for PC Client and TPM, and he is an active contributor in the Attestation Work Group, and co-chair with the Cyber Resilience Work Group. Since graduating from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nick continues to feed his intellectual curiosity by collaborating with peers across the industry. When he’s not dreaming about creative solutions for information security problems, Nick can be found out on a walk with his wife and dogs, or sometimes just tinkering around the house.

Thomas Bowen, Intel corporation

Thomas Bowen is a Security Architect at Intel who has worked on
storage security technologies for over 10 years. Thomas has participated in the TCG Storage Work Group since 2015 with key contributions to TCG Storage specifications including the Storage Interface Interactions Specification, multiple Opal Family SSC and Feature Set specifications, and the Opal Family Test Cases specifications. Thomas is also the author of the TCG Storage Key Per IO SSC draft specification.

Yoshikazu Azuma, Ricoh Company

Throughout his career as an engineer since 1997, including his previous positions, Yoshikazu Azuma has been consistently involved in design and development and upstream R&D work for the inclusion of ICT platform technologies such as networking and security in products.

For some time now, he has been a primary contact for TCG, and in the past, he also participated in standardization and technology promotion activities related to Ethernet and wireless LAN.
He was the first in the industry to incorporate WPA2 Enterprise and other features, together with Ricoh’s own Wi-Fi chips, into a TPM-protected digital multifunctional printer device(MFP) for business use, and in recent years, he has been working on the application of SDN (Software-Defined Networking) for multifunctional printer device(MFP). He continues to contribute to the development of ICT-based technologies by commercializing solutions.

As we head into the fourth-generation industrial revolution of AI x IoT, he keeps his eyes on blockchain technology as a data management technology.


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