TPM Software Stack (TSS)

The TPM Software Stack (TSS) is a software specification that provides a standard API for accessing the functions of the TPM. Application developers can use this software specification to develop inter-operable client applications for more tamper-resistant computing.

The purpose of the TSS Work Group is to provide a standard set of APIs for Application vendors who wish to make use of the TPM. The group works to produce a vendor neutral specification which will provide an abstraction of the hardware differences so that application vendors can write applications that will work regardless of the hardware, Operating System, or environment that is used. The TSS also aims to provide means for applications to talk to TPM’s either locally or remotely.


Andreas Fuchs
Infineon Technologies
Andreas Fuchs studied computer science at the Technische Universität Darmstadt and the University of Massachusetts and received his Diploma (MSc) at the former. For more than 10 years, he's been an active member of the Trusted Computing Group, participating in most of the work groups over time. Since the reinstantiation of the TSS working group for TSS 2.0 he has focused on and been one of the most active members in this working group, contributing to all standards. In 2017, he received the TCG's Annual Leadership Award. He is one of the maintainers of the OpenSource Implementation of the TSS 2.0 as well as for the accompanying OpenSSL engine and the tpm2-totp project, as well as implementing an extension to cryptsetup/LUKS for TPM 2.0.
Florian Schreiner
Project Manager for Embedded Security Solutions
Infineon Technologies
Florian Schreiner received his master degree and Ph.D. at the Technische Universität München in the department of Electrical Engineering with a focus on cybersecurity. At Infineon he is Project Manager for Embedded Security Solutions within the Digital Security Solutions Division focusing on security architectures, Trusted Computing and automotive security.  He works on upcoming security advances and concepts regarding Trusted Computing technology and automotive application scenarios. He participates in the TCG standardization activities in the Automotive Vehicle-Services WG and as co-chair of the Certification Program Committee.

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