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Through open standards and specifications, Trusted Computing Group (TCG) enables secure computing. Benefits of TCG technologies include protection of business-critical data and systems, secure authentication and strong protection of user identities, and the establishment of strong machine identity and network integrity. Trusted hardware and applications reduce enterprise total cost of ownership and support regulatory compliance.

Industry News

A detailed guide to BitLocker for Windows 11 users

The information your computing device contains today is more important than the actual device itself, so it is important to protect it from unauthorized access. While there are several third-party apps to help you with this, Windows has its own built-in encryption tool, BitLocker. BitLocker works [...]

Protecting the Healthcare Sector from Supply Chain Security Attacks

With a cyberattack occurring every 39 seconds, not only are they becoming more frequent, they are becoming more sophisticated and premeditated. Attackers have begun targeting supply chains, which is especially worrying as one attack can create a chain reaction and compromise a network of providers. [...]

Cybersecurity in the quantum age

A new era of computing requires a new kind of cryptography. Cybersecurity has become one of the hottest topics in the modern digital world. How to make cybersecurity solutions trustworthy is a highly relevant question. Cybersecurity solutions make use of cryptographic mechanisms, so trusting in t [...]

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TCG News Releases

TCG and OST2 Partner to Deliver TPM Usage Training and Develop New Cybersecurity Experts

Software developers and students interested in device security will be given the chance to develop their cybersecurity skills and enhance the security of devices through a new technical security training program from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and OpenSecurityTraining2 (OST2). The comprehe [...]

New JRF-TCG Workshop to Deliver Next Generation Cyber Security for Japan

このプレスリリースを日本語でご覧になるには、ここをクリックしてください: Protecting companies and public sector organisations from cyber attacks will be the key topic of an open workshop being held by TCG’s Jap [...]

JRF-TCG ワークショップを開催 日本に向けた次世代サイバーセキュリティ

To view this Press Release in English, please click here: TCG 日本支部(JRF)は、 2 月29 日、ヒルトン東京にて公開ワークショップを開催します。同イベン� [...]

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Whitepapers & Guides

Overcoming threats to Vehicle Security with Secure Role and Rights Management

Introduction The rise of fully autonomous vehicles may soon render car ownership obsolete, as ride-sharing companies like Uber embrace the concept of driverless cars. To survive, automotive manufacturers must develop business models that allow feature activation to be tied both to the user as wel [...]

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Member News Releases

World’s First Commercial Certification Authority Supporting the Issuance of Platform Certificates

A company of NEC, Cyber Defense Institute (CDI), a Japanese Cyber Security Company, launches the cloud-based private certification authority solution PIV Gateway™ CA that supports not only traditional X.509 certificate issuance but also emphasizes the issuance of Platform Certificates. Accordin [...]

NEC Succeeds for the First Time in Japan to Demonstrate Technology That Enables Remotely Confirmation of the Authenticity of Computer Equipment in an Entire System

NEC provided a "remote verification platform" that enables remote detection of tampering with computer equipment as a cybersecurity measure in the supply chain to an Open Workshop held in February this year by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), an industry group that establishes international indust [...]

Huawei launches open-source Kunpeng Security Libraries project to enable trusted computing on ARM servers

Introduction The Kunpeng Security Libraries (KunpengSecL) open-source project provides basic security software components running on Huawei’s Kunpeng ARM processors used in the TaiShan server family. The project currently focuses on trusted computing capabilities such as remote attestation to emp [...]

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