Virtualized Platform

Virtualization is rapidly growing in popularity on both client and server systems. The extension of trusted computing to virtualization is a logical next step for TCG and trusted computing in general. From the perspective of a virtual machine, it runs in a virtualized environment identically to the way it runs if it was running natively on a physical platform. The Virtual Machine’s software and trust properties should be identical in both environments. From the perspective of trusted computing software, this means that each VM and hypervisor must have its own TPM. But in a virtualized platform, there may be only one physical TPM and it is owned by the base hypervisor (also called a Virtual Machine Manager or VMM).


Paul Lloyd
Cybersecurity and Digital Risk Management
Paul’s formal education background consists of degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.   Paul has 35+ years of experience in the software and computer industry. He has been a software developer throughout that time is deeply familiar with the cybersecurity aspects of software development and large, distributed software systems. He has also been the architect of complex software systems.   Paul has 20+ years of experience as a cybersecurity architect and strategist with a focus on crypto system engineering. He has been the chief architect of enterprise scale PKI deployments and has worked with C-level executives on formulating cybersecurity strategy.

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