Trusted Network Communications (TNC)

TCG’s Trusted Network Communications (TNC) work group has defined and released an open architecture and a growing set of standards for network security, providing interoperable end-to-end trust in multi-vendor environments across a wide variety of endpoints, network technologies, and policies. TNC enables endpoint compliance evaluation, intelligent policy decisions, dynamic security enforcement, and security automation between disparate networking and security systems.

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Open Standards


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TNC Offers Interoperable Standards For…


  • Network and Endpoint Visibility
    • Who and what’s on my network?
  • Endpoint Compliance
    • Are devices on my network secure?
    • Is user/device behavior appropriate?

Access Control

  • Network Enforcement
    • Block unauthorized users, devices, or behavior
    • Grant appropriate levels of access to authorized users/devices


  • Security System Coordination
    • Share real-time information about users, devices, threats, etc.

TNC addresses today’s most significant security problems, providing a flexible, open architecture that adapts to changing circumstances without getting tied down to any one vendor. TNC-enabled technology improves ROI, enabling use of existing network equipment and best-of-breed products, and avoidance of vendor lock-in. Visibility and coordination contribute to efficient network management and security.

TNC’s open network security architecture and complete set of standards benefit from thorough technical review by security experts. For the strongest security, TNC can leverage the TPM for robust authentication, attestation, and compromise detection. Wide support exists for the TNC standards among commercial vendors, the open source community, and the IETF.

TNC can integrate with a TPM for secure authentication and attestation, addressing detection and mitigation of rootkits and other compromised software. TNC standards provide a communication foundation for securing embedded systems such as network equipment, automotive, and IoT solutions.


Monty Wiseman
Security Architect
Beyond Identity
Monty Wiseman's professional focus is in Platform Identity and Integrity. During the last 16+ years Monty was a leading contributor to various Platform TCG specifications. Monty is currently a Principle Engineer at General Electric focusing on security for GE's Industrial Internet Control Systems. Prior to GE, Monty held various senior architectural positions at Intel, Novell, Sanyo/Icon, Fujitsu Microelectronics and Control Data Corporation. Monty’s first experience with computers was in 1974 building and developing software for the Altair 8800 using the “new” Intel 8080.

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