BYOD or BYON (Nightmare)? How to Manage and Mitigate Personal Devices in the Enterprise – A Real Story

Date Published: September, 01, 2014

By now, BYOD Is by no means unexpected or novel, and vendors have rushed into the market with a number of tools to help manage employees’ devices used in corporate environments.

What remains to be seen is how effectively IT and security practitioners are dealing with BYOD, which appears to be here to stay. In the transition from “heck, no, you can’t work on that iPhone” to “bring your own device and we will hook you up”, there are lots of war stories – some positive and some not so positive.

In a webcast scheduled for Wed., Nov. 19, 2:00 p.m. East/11 a.m. Pacific, a vice president of IT from a leading networking solutions provider will talk about that company’s own experience with BYOD.

Jason Conyard will walk thru the challenges Juniper Networks and its employees faced in getting work done and the evolution of its BYOD policy. He will talk about the benefits of BYOD and some issues that the company identified, and then talk about that company’s approach to  ensuring that not only employees can work at their convenience with the platforms they want, but securely without compromising the enterprise network and data.

Conyard also will address the growing role of industry standards in securing the BYOD environment. These standards include the TCG’s Trusted Network Connect, or TNC, to help ensure endpoint identity and health and to ensure networks are protected.

Join Conyard and TCG to hear the whole story and key steps that can be implemented for effective BYOD security.

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