Encryption Matters at Flash Memory Summit 2015

Date Published: July, 30, 2015

The Flash Memory Summit has grown rapidly as applications and deployment of flash storage devices has grown, from client devices to enterprise storage systems. Once again, Trusted Computing Group and its members will play a big role in helping educate vendors, the ecosystem and enterprise users about the role of encryption in flash devices at this year’s conference, Aug. 11-13, Santa Clara Convention Center.

TCG pioneered industry standards for self-encrypting drives, or SEDs. These standards now are implemented in almost all flash drives and many hybrid drives and provide always-on encryption that users cannot turn off – with no hit to performance. SEDs leverage the drive controller to put encryption in hardware on the drive – an approach that experts agree is much more secure than software encryption. Perhaps one of the most appealing SED features is the ability to instantly, including remotely, “wipe” or erase drives. The drives then can be safely re-used or trashed. And SEDs help users meet a growing number of regulations and compliance requirements.

At the Flash Memory Summit, TCG’s Storage Work Group Chair Jason Cox and invited experts and long-time TCG storage work group participants will talk in several sessions.

TCG members will participate in a number of sessions at the summit. “Storage Security: Back to the Future” will address key concepts of SEDs, the current state of adoption and management with experts, including TCG Invited Experts Michael Willett and Robert Thibadeau.

“Advancements in Storage Security Standards” will look at new TCG SED specifications and capabilities to support new interfaces and technologies. Another session, “Security in a Flash!”, will examine how and why data can be secured on SEDs and available solutions including software, with TCG members Jason Cox, TCG Storage Work Group chair and Intel Corporation; Jon Tanguy, Micron Technology, and Monty Forehand, Seagate Technology; and Willett and Thibadeau.

In the NVMe track: “Security for NVMe”, Cox will present on why Opal and the “Opal Family” specifications align with NVMe’s strategy for security management.

TCG also will host demos; watch for updates and more info here and at https://trustedcomputinggroup.org/media_room/events/190.



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