Everything You Wanted to Know About the TPM: TCG Webcast January 31, 2017

Date Published: January, 10, 2017

Visitors to the TCG website, http://www.trustedcomputinggroup.org, still view documents associated with the TPM, or Trusted Module Platform, more frequently than any other topic. In 2016, TCG released its TPM 2.0 Library Specification (

http://www.trustedcomputinggroup.org/work-groups/trusted-platform-module/), which made a series of important updates to functionality; added support for multiple cryptographic approaches; and enables various options for implementing the TPM to accommodate a wide range of use cases.

TPM 2.0 has been adopted as an ISO specification (http://www.trustedcomputinggroup.org/tpm-2-0-library-specification-approved-isoiec-international-standard/).

For those interested in learning more about the TPM, TCG will host a webcast on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 12:00 p.m. East/9:00 a.m. Pacific. Monty Wiseman, GE, and Lee Wilson, Security Innovation will provide a short overview of the TPM and its implementation. Both are long-time contributor to the TPM and other work groups and have extensive experience working with the TPM. Attendees are invited to submit questions to the speakers.

More about the webcast and registration can be found here: http://we www.trustedcomputinggroup.org/press-rooms/events/webcast-use-trusted-platform-module-tpm-trust-security/. The webcast also will be available on the BrightTalk network.


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Trusted Computing Group announced that its TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) Library Specification was approved as a formal international standard under ISO/IEC (the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission). TCG has 90+ specifications and guidance documents to help build a trusted computing environment.

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