Join Trusted Computing Group Members and SANS ICS Team for Webcast on Insecure Networks May 3

Date Published: April, 18, 2016

This year already has been a doozy for  industrial control systems, or ICS, security incidents. Experts are still puzzling over the Ukranian power grid hack (more here at Wired) and arguing about how to best prevent this type of take-over. Elsewhere, a number of incidents including those involving other utilities and transportation have set security experts on edge and wondering where to look for help.

The SANS Institute ICS team, which has extensively studied and published on the Ukranian incident, has invited TCG member experts Lisa Lorenzin of Pulse Secure and David Mattes of Tempered Networks to explain a relatively simple approach to securing these existing ICS networks using specifications created and vetted by industry experts from the TCG, working with other industry standards groups on the issue. Attendees will learn how standards-based solutions address the problem of implementing, monitoring, and managing cybersecurity defenses for ICS networks.

The webcast will address how TCG standards support implementation of the ISA/IEC-62443 zone-and-conduit strategy for ICS security. Zones are layers or subdivisions of the logical or physical assets of a control system, based on their control function. Conduits connect the zones, providing a path for data flow, and must be managed to protect network traffic. TCG standards developed by the Trusted Network Communications (TNC) workgroup enable execution of the concepts defined in the ISA/IEC specifications, providing increased security and protection from unauthorized ICS access. Specifically, the Interface for a Metadata Access Point (IF-MAP) Metadata for ICS Security specification facilitates the creation of virtual overlay networks on top of standard shared Internet Protocol (IP) network infrastructure, simplifying deployment, management, and protection of large-scale industrial control systems.

This free webcast will be useful as an overview of this approach and of the TNC architecture generally. Please join us by registering at SANS.

View the Recorded Webcast Here!


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