Project Name: Marketing Communications and Public Relations Services
Company Name: Trusted Computing Group
Address: 3855 SW 153rd Drive
City, State, Zip Code: Beaverton, OR 97003 USA
Procurement Contact Person (PCP): Ameena Bossier
Telephone Number of PCP: +1.503.619.0562
Email Address of PCP: [email protected]
Fax Number: +1.503.644.6708

Trusted Computing Group Overview
TCG is headquartered in Beaverton, Ore., with nearly 100-member companies, located worldwide, representing vendors from across computing, including component vendors, software developers, systems vendor, drive makers, and network and infrastructure companies. Additionally, TCG has two regional forums, in Greater China and Japan, to drive innovation and adoption of trusted computing in those regions.

Through open standards and specifications, Trusted Computing Group (TCG) enables secure computing. Benefits of TCG technologies include protection of business-critical data and systems, secure authentication and strong protection of user identities, and the establishment of strong machine identity and network integrity. Trusted hardware and applications reduce enterprise total cost of ownership and support regulatory compliance.

Through its member-driven work groups, TCG enables the benefits of trust in computing devices from mobile to embedded systems, as well as networks, storage, infrastructure, and cloud security. More than a billion devices include TCG technologies. Virtually all enterprise PCs, many servers and embedded systems include the TPM; while networking equipment, drives and other devices and systems deploy other TCG specifications, including self-encrypting drives and network security specifications.

Components to implement TCG hardware specifications are available from a number of semiconductor vendors. Software and applications are available from many software developers. The TPM 2.0 specification has been adopted as an international standard by the International Standards Organization/International Electromechanical Commission.

Networking gear and services supporting the Trusted Network Communications network security and access control specification are available from a number of vendors. And, self-encrypting drives based on TCG specifications are available from drive vendors in HDD, SSD, hybrid drive and enterprise storage formats with many available management software options. Today, all solid-state drives are self-encrypting and are used in data centers at Facebook and other organizations.

TCG is governed by a board comprised of Promoter members alongside elected Contributor advisors.

Scope of Services
*Note that additional services may be requested based on direction from Trusted Computing Group

• Strategic marketing and communications planning with input into budget for TCG Marketing Work Group
• Reports as requested to Work Groups and the TCG Board of Directors
• Ongoing communication with Work Group Chairs and experts to define and track marketing requests and projects
• Identification and coordination of advertising opportunities
• Content development as requested for TCG newsletter per quarter
• Coordination of research and associated content and marketing
• Coordination of webcast events
• Coordination, and when necessary, creation of blog content
• Secure management of TCG social media accounts, including development of content and scheduling.
• Development of contributed article content, including identification of outlets, creation of content with writers and TCG experts, placement and tracking
• Development and coordination of promotional, educational and awareness programs with third party organizations, including but not limited to those such as GlobalPlatform, ETSI and others
• Work with TCG Administration to lead and support website updates and content. Demonstrable skills in web design, architecture, SEO and SEM are deisrable
• Coordination of graphics as determined by the Marketing Work Group

• Attending bi-weekly marketing workgroup meetings (teleconference) and, at minimum, one of three TCG member face- to-face meetings per year
• Support for international and regional forum events, including social media, news releases and related promotion.
• Coordination of speaker placement including identification of speaker opportunities including panels, keynotes, webcasts/podcasts, and seminars, assistance with proposals, submission of proposals, tracking and follow-up
• Maintaining processes and communication of those for TCG speakers and media representatives

Media and Analyst Relations
• Proactive press release activity
• Serve as a point of contact for media requests
• Act as an organizational evangelist and spokesperson for the analyst community
• Maintaining and enacting a crisis PR plan for the organization

Travel, including airfare, hotels, meals and related expenses, as well as shipping, conference call charges, reprints, international calling, and similar, -related additional out-of-pocket expenses will be billed monthly on the invoice when these items cannot be paid directly by TCG. These expenses will be billed at their original cost and will not be marked up. Any applicable taxes must be separated.

Anticipated Selection Schedule
The Request for Proposal Timeline is as follows:
• Request for Proposals Issued: Wednesday, December 19, 2018
• Trusted Computing Group Responds to Bidder Questions: Friday, January 11, 2019 by 5:00 PM Pacific Time
• Deadline to submit Proposals: Thursday, January 31, 2019 by 5:00 PM Pacific Time
• Selection of Top Bidders/ Notification to Unsuccessful Bidders: Friday, February 22, 2019 by 5:00 PM Pacific Time
• Desired Start Date for new Marketing and Communications position: Monday, March 18, 2019

How to Submit a Proposal
All proposals shall be submitted electronically to: [email protected] . The subject line shall include: “Proposal (Marketing and Communications and Public Relations)”. Deadline for submission of proposals is Thursday, January 31, 2019, no later than 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Hard copy proposals will not be accepted.

Responses become the property of Trusted Computing Group and may be subject to disclosure as requested upon completion of the process. Proprietary information that you wish to remain confidential should not be included in your response materials.

Proposal Requirements
The proposal shall not exceed 10 pages, excluding resumes, conflicts of interest, and cover letter.
Applicants must have proven prior experience minimum five (5) years in marketing, security, embedded technologies or a related field, marketing special events; and preferred relevant combination of education and training.

Responses to this RFP shall include:

1. Cover Letter
The cover letter must include a point of contact address, telephone number and e-mail address. The cover letter should briefly describe:

• Firm or Individual’s qualifications
• Qualifications and roles of any partners
• Any exceptions you or your firm takes to the scope of work or required deliverables, and
• Personal or firm’s web site address

2. Technical Approach
Detailed description of your technical approach/methodology to the requirements found in the scope of work including, but not limited to, specific planning and facilitation tasks to achieve each of the objectives in the scope of work. A description of your marketing communications and public relations philosophy and preferred planning techniques should be detailed to clearly demonstrate how the firm engages stakeholders (including Board and contracted administrative staff) in the planning process. The technical approach should also address expected roles and responsibilities and include a project management plan and timeline for project deliverables.

3. Expertise/Experience
This section should identify the project lead and/or team members and their relevant qualifications and resumes. It should also provide a description of recent past experience in facilitating marketing communications and public relations for organizations of similar size, scope and complexity.

4. References
Provide the contact information for, at minimum, three professional references that can speak to your performance in marketing communications and public relations for organizations similar in size, scope, and complexity.

5. Conflicts of Interest
Disclose any possible conflict(s) of interest with Trusted Computing Group. Any previous research or support provided to Trusted Computing Group must be disclosed.

6. Price
The price proposal should include total costs for performing all tasks proposed in the technical approach. Price shall be broken out by major task and planned deliverable(s) and shall include proposed labor categories their hourly rates and number of hours. Typical work time is expected to be 10-16 hours per week. Any other costs, such as travel*, etc. should also be provide. Price proposals shall be submitted in a separate attachment and not included in the same attachment as the above items. The price proposal should describe all underlying budget assumptions.

*Travel will include up to 3 Member Meetings per year (1 US, 1 EU/UK and 1 other TBD), plus 2-3 additional events per year

Evaluation Criteria
Information contained within your proposal in response to this RFP will be evaluated by the Trusted Computing Group and will be considered confidential.

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:
• Technical Approach and Methodology: The proposal is complete and demonstrates strong technical and marketing and communication capabilities and a sound understanding of Trusted Computing Group’s mission. The proposal sets out a logical approach/methodology to conducting a strategic planning process that is consistent with the proposed scope of work
• Expertise and Experience: The firm demonstrates a background in marketing communications and public relations, effectively engaging stakeholders, and employing planning techniques that meet the needs of the organization’s culture and mission. The firm demonstrates a proven track record in facilitating marketing communications and public relations processes with mission-driven organizations of similar size
• Past Performance: The firm has recent successful past performance that is relevant to the proposed project in terms of scope and complexity
• Price: A combination of hourly rate, and total task-based timing recommendations

Possible Roadblocks
Firms or Individuals should beware of the following potential roadblocks when submitting an RFP:
• Respondents must have a keen ability to manage expectations of differing opinions, and viewpoints, as often relate to a formal Board of Directors, or committee-based work environment.


Membership in the Trusted Computing Group is your key to participating with fellow industry stakeholders in the quest to develop and promote trusted computing technologies.

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Trusted Computing

Standards-based Trusted Computing technologies developed by TCG members now are deployed in enterprise systems, storage systems, networks, embedded systems, and mobile devices and can help secure cloud computing and virtualized systems.

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Trusted Computing Group announced that its TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) Library Specification was approved as a formal international standard under ISO/IEC (the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission). TCG has 90+ specifications and guidance documents to help build a trusted computing environment.

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