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Friday, June 21, 2024, GMT-0700
1:12 AM
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Webcast: How to Implement Trusted Platforms and EcoSystems

June 21 @ 1:12 AM UTC-7

Daily reports of attacks and breaches, from servers, PCs and data centers to IoT systems, mean that developers and OEMs must embed security at the foundation of their systems and ecosystem. This new webcast with long-time TPM and Trusted Software Stack expert Lee Wilson, OnBoard Security, will review the key attributes of the TPM and how the new TCG TSS can be used for bottoms-up defense using a trust chain and improving overall platform security.

Attendees will learn about the changes to TSS to make use much easier and more efficient, how to start developing applications and resources. Use cases including key storage and software measurement will be addressed along with strong device identity and authentication. Using the TPM and TSS for health monitoring also will be discussed.

The webcast is free, however you must register.

Wilson is business development engineer at OnBoard Security, where he is responsible for technical support and business development of OnBoard Security’s TCG Software Stack 2.0 (TrustSentry 2.0) and OnBoard Security’s post-quantum cryptography (NTRU and pqNTRUsign).

Prior to joining SI, Lee had a 35 year career with IBM. Initially he did chip design, card design, CAD, and software design. Following that, a large part of his career with IBM was spent in system, network and security architecture. He was the lead security architect for IBM System X Flex servers. He currently chairs the Trusted Software Stack and Virtualized Platform Work Groups for Trusted Computing Group. Lee earned his BSEE work at Northwestern University and his MSEE work at Syracuse University and has been awarded TCG’s Key Contributor Award.