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Virtualized platform security is essential for the future of cloudification

Date Published: August, 15, 2022

Whether private cloud or public cloud, organizations are increasingly utilizing virtualization, to optimize performance through efficient load distribution and making the best use of their hardware. Failure to secure these systems can lead to significant … READ MORE

Building Cyber Resilient Devices in the age of the Internet of Things

Date Published: May, 29, 2022

With the Internet of Things (IoT) nearing 27.1 billion devices this year according to Cisco, a series of unprecedented cyber security risks are developing as the global rollout of gigabit broadband and 5G mobile networks continues. At a time when business… READ MORE

Protecting the energy sector’s industrial IoT

Date Published: March, 24, 2022

By Steve Hanna, Co-chair of TCG’s Industrial Work Group and IoT Work Group Many sectors now utilize Internet of Things (IoT) equipment to drive digital transformation, and ultimately increase automation and efficiency. In particular, the energy secto… READ MORE

5 security lessons to learn in 2022

Date Published: January, 20, 2022

As we look ahead to what is next for 5G deployments, the mass adoption of Virtual Reality, and the increasing digital transformation of all industries, new cybersecurity challenges are on the horizon. With that, comes the opportunity to act now and build … READ MORE

Tackling the rise of cyber-attacks on Industrial Control Systems

Date Published: January, 14, 2022

By Steve Hanna, Chair of Industrial Work Group Cyber-attacks on Industrial Control Systems are increasing, requiring the designers of industrial systems to reassess and re-evaluate their methods of guarding against not only targeted attacks, but also m… READ MORE

TPM as an API for attestation in big, distributed environments

Date Published: January, 06, 2022

By Chris Fenner & Jeff Andersen, Google Google's data center platforms currently lean on proprietary Titan hardware and APIs to attest to platform integrity. These APIs provide advanced features like first-instruction integrity of platform firmware a… READ MORE

Leonardo DRS wins first ever TCG CodeGen Developer Challenge

Date Published: December, 09, 2021

The winner of the first ever Trusted Computing Group (TCG) CodeGen Developer Challenge has been crowned, with two exciting solutions from Leonardo DRS’s team taking the top prize. The CodeGen Developer Challenge brought together developers from acros… READ MORE

TCG recognize exceptional leadership and appoint 2021 Contributed Advisors

Date Published: December, 08, 2021

Experts from Intel and Toshiba Tec have been recognized for exceptional leadership and service at the recent TCG Members Meeting. The Contributor Advisors for 2022 were also announced, as well as Key Contributors that had been nominated by their peers for… READ MORE

Securing the hardware supply chain

Date Published: October, 21, 2021

By Michael Mattioli, Co-Chair of TCG Supply Chain Security Work Group When we think about cyber threats, we often imagine someone sitting in a dark room, furiously typing as green text spreads across the screen in an attempt to exploit a software vulne… READ MORE

Cyber security in the skies – protecting satellites from attack

Date Published: August, 12, 2021

The resurgence of the satellite industry in recent years has led to entire constellations of satellites orbiting our skies. With the number of connected devices worldwide due to hit 50 billion by 2030, connectivity requirements are soaring, and the use of… READ MORE