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TNC Architecture Gets Updates

Date Published: November, 21, 2017

The Trusted Computing Group has released a new version of its Trusted Network Communications (TNC) Architecture specification. TNC enables intelligent policy decisions, dynamic security enforcement, and communication between security systems. These capabi… READ MORE

TPM 2.0: A Short History and How to Use

Date Published: October, 31, 2017

TCG members continue working to create devices and applications to use the TPM 2.0, which offers many benefits for security. The 2.0 approach gives developers and designers many options to use key attributes and to apply them for protecting keys and certi… READ MORE

TCG and Member Drive Trust Alliance Show Secure Encrypting Drives at Oct. 16 Storage Visions Conference

Date Published: October, 04, 2017

TCG and Drive Trust Alliance will host a demo session at the 2017 Storage Visions Conference (SV 2017) Monday, October 16, 2017, in Milpitas, CA ( The conference will feature a panel on memory-centric computing and a session on … READ MORE

TCG Tackles Industrial Equipment Security

Date Published: September, 28, 2017

Unsecured industrial equipment has been the entry point for many recent attacks, including widely reported ones on a steel mill, the Ukrainian power grid, nuclear facilities and much more. Traditionally, most industrial systems were stand-alone and not co… READ MORE

Don’t Gamble on Auto Security: A Look at New DICE Work from TCG

Date Published: September, 18, 2017

TCG has been working to provide enabling security solutions for embedded and IoT for some time. The group has work groups working in automotive security (, including using a TP… READ MORE

TCG TPM and TEE Secure Mobile Hardware; TCG Association Sponsor for TEE Event Sept. 12, 2017

Date Published: August, 22, 2017

As of 2016, more than half of Internet users access the web on mobile devices. The BYOD, Choose Your Own Device, and enterprise-owned device models mean that business and personal data now coexist on the same device. All of these devices mean even more at… READ MORE

TCG Sponsors New Podcast Series with Embedded Computing Design

Date Published: August, 09, 2017

TCG has teamed up with Embedded Computing Design to host a new series of podcasts ( addressing IoT and embedded design, development and security issues. ECD’s Rich Nass and Brandon Lewis talk with Jeff Finn, CEO of data categor… READ MORE

TCG to Talk Industrial IoT Security in Barcelona, IoT Solutions World Congress, October 3

Date Published: August, 02, 2017

TCG members and security experts are hosting a special session, How to Build Secure, Highly Reliable Critical Systems and Networks for the IoT on October 3, 2017 at the IoT Solutions World Congress (link to… READ MORE

Securing Network Gear Critical to IoT and Enterprise Security; TCG Needs Your Input Now!

Date Published: July, 20, 2017

Trusted Computing Group recently announced new work to secure the critical network gear that the Internet and connected things rely on. The group is now seeking input from the industry through Sept. 11, 2017. Input can be sent to [email protected]READ MORE

Warding off Ransomware Threats in Industrial Control Systems: (Part 2)

Date Published: July, 06, 2017

Part 1 of this blog series discussed how users and enterprises that delayed the implementation of a previously discovered vulnerability in the Windows operating system became victims of the WannaCry ransomware. Since all organizations with industrial cont… READ MORE

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