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OnBoard Security Publishes New Guidance for Secure Software and Use of TPM with TSS

Date Published: August, 06, 2018

TCG member OnBoard Security, which offers a Trusted Software Stack (TSS) for the TPM 2.0, has just published a useful paper on how to evaluate software security and how to develop and maintain more secure software. The paper also includes some case studie… READ MORE

TCG Publishes New Whitepaper to Guide Use of Its Mobile and Trusted Network Communications (TNC) Specifications for Mobile Security

Date Published: July, 30, 2018

The Trusted Computing Group has released a new whitepaper describing how the combination of technologies developed in its mobile and Trusted Network Communications (TNC) workgroups can be combined to address challenges faced by mobile device, mobile netwo… READ MORE

TCG Talks to about DICE in New Podcast

Date Published: July, 26, 2018

The growing number of embedded and Internet of Things devices means more attack surfaces and opportunities for mayhem. Many devices were developed with little or no security considerations, and traditional security approaches, including the TCG’s Truste… READ MORE

Mocana Leverages TPM 2.0 for Secure Embedded and IOT Devices

Date Published: July, 25, 2018

On July 24, eWeek published a story about new support for TPM 2.0  from TCG member Mocana, eWeek security journalist Sean Kerner (@SeanKerner) notes, “...… READ MORE

New TCG Architect’s Guide Demonstrates Fraud Reduction in Payment Industry with Trusted Computing

Date Published: July, 12, 2018

TCG and its work groups recently have spent much time examining the growing insecurity of payments via mobile/IoT devices and how core concepts of trusted computing can be applied to reduce fraud and better protect payments, which are quickly becoming a n… READ MORE

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Defenses to Secure IoT

Date Published: May, 24, 2018

*This blog was originally published by Onboard Security, a TCG member. Many IoT device manufacturers understand the need for cyber security but aren’t sure where to begin.  To add to the confusion, some security vendors will claim their firewall or … READ MORE

Trusted Computing Primary Use Cases

Date Published: May, 17, 2018

*This blog was originally published by Onboard Security, a TCG member. There are four primary use cases for implementing trusted computing with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), the cryptographic module standardized by the Trusted Computing Group.  Thi… READ MORE

TPM Enables Secure Over-the-air Software Updates for Vehicles: It’s Here

Date Published: February, 26, 2018

Auto makers have long struggled with the recall issue. A significant portion of recalls are associated now with software updates to our rolling computers, aka cars. These increasingly complex systems of course require the same patches and updates any comp… READ MORE

TCG Releases Guidance and How-to Guide to Secure Vulnerable Network Equipment; Members to Demonstrate at Mobile World Congress and to Host Webinar

Date Published: February, 14, 2018

In the last year or so, TCG members active in developing and supporting network equipment, such as switches, routers and firewalls, have been actively working to develop specific guidance and how-to for protecting these devices against attacks. Why wor… READ MORE

DICE Provides Trust Foundation and Security to IOT and Embedded Devices

Date Published: January, 25, 2018

A new post in Embedded Computing Design by Microsoft’s Dennis Mattoon, also the chair of TCG’s DICE Work Group, explains how the Device Identifier Composition Engine, or DICE, is used to provide a hardware-based root of trust for IoT and embedded syst… READ MORE