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Server Discovery and Validation Specification

This specification provides a standard means by which an endpoint may discover the presence of various types of Trusted Network Communications (TNC) and related servers and determine whether those servers are recognized and thus suitable for interaction. A Policy Decision Point (PDP) is one example of such a server, but the specification supports many server types, including servers associated wit... READ MORE

TNC Architecture for Interoperability Specification

The TNC architecture focuses on interoperability of network access control solutions and on the use of trusted computing as the basis for enhancing the security of those solutions. Integrity measurements are used as evidence of the security posture of the endpoint so access control solutions can evaluate the endpoint's suitability for being given access to the network. Latest Version: TNC Arch... READ MORE


TCG日本支部は、9月26日(火)にテクニカルセミナーを開催しました。技術トピックにフォーカスし、TCGの以下の3の技術作業部会の議長によるプレゼンを行い、IoTや車載における取り組みを紹介しました。 * TCG組込系 WG議長 Infineon Technologies Steve Hanna * TCG組込系WG議長/TCG理事メンバー  富士通... READ MORE

TCG Guidance for Securing Network Equipment

The TCG Guidance for Securing Network Equipment provides recommendations and detailed advice on how TCG standards should be used to secure network equipment such as routers, switches, and firewalls. Physical network functions are considered in this document; virtualized network functions are not considered in this version. While the TPM’s resistance to physical attack can help protect device ... READ MORE

Webcast: Securing Network Equipment with Trust and Integrity

Interconnected networks are critical to the operation of a broad and growing range of devices and services, from computers and phones to industrial systems and critical infrastructure. The integrity and security of routers, switches, and firewalls is essential to network reliability, as well as to the integrity and privacy of data on these networks. As increasingly... READ MORE

Trust Assessment Framework

As enterprises and individuals move into more complex hybrid environments with services spread across mobile apps, cloud service providers and distributed ecosystems it is imperative that we find a way to manage the trust relationships that make the distribution of responsibility work. This is more than just validation of the identity of an end user or even the state of a single device. Enterprise... READ MORE

TCG Glossary

This glossary contains definitions of terms created by TCG, or terms that have a particular meaning in trusted computing, or terms that cause particular confusion in trusted computing. Latest Version: TCG Glossary Version 1.1, Revision 1.0 Previous Version: TCG Glossary... READ MORE

PC Client Specific Platform Firmware Profile Specification

The PC Client Platform Specific Profile for TPM 2.0 systems defines the requirements for platform firmware to initialize and interact with a TPM 2.0 device in a PC Client platform.  This specification should be used in conjunction with the TCG UEFI Protocol Specification Family 2.0, the TCG Physical Presence Interface Specification, and the TCG ACPI Specification to design and implement a PC Clie... READ MORE

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