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TCG TPM v2.0 Provisioning Guidance

This document outlines a process for provisioning and de-provisioning Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) v2.0 for use in device identification, storage of encryption keys and credentials, and attestation of integrity measurements. Latest Version: TCG TPM v2.0 Provisioning Guidance Version 1.0, Revision 1.0... READ MORE

TPM and Smart Buildings

Smart buildings result from the integration of several of today’s sensing, communication, power and computing technologies into an architectural structure. According to the Building Efficiency Initiative Organization, “…enabled by technology, this smart building connects the structure itself to the functions it exists to fulfill…” The organization goes on to define those as: Connect... READ MORE

TCG FIPS 140-2 Guidance for TPM 2.0

The TPM 2.0 FIPS guidance is provided as a supporting document for FIPS 140-2 evaluation of a TPM 2.0 product compliant with TPM 2.0 library level 0 version 1.16. The intended audience for this document includes TPM manufacturers, FIPS Cryptographic Module Validation Program Laboratories and FIPS Evaluators. This document describes additional development constraints or library interpretation n... READ MORE

Trusting Your Supply Chain

The Trusted Computing Group’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Trusted Network Connect (TNC) standards can play important roles in supply chain security. These tools can be applied by both small and large companies. Latest Version: Trusting Your Supply Chain... READ MORE

Establishing Network Equipment Security

Firewalls and gateway routers are already important components of any organization’s network security strategy. But network architects can often overlook the fact that the networking equipment itself can be attacked. Ensuring these devices are resistant to attacks is just as important as conventional security mechanisms that protect PCs and servers. Latest Version: Establishing Network E... READ MORE


2009年に始めたTCGの日本支部による公開ワークショップも今回で8回目を数え、去る11月2日に無事に開催することが出来ました。 ここ数年は100名を超える方々にお越しいただき、本ワークショップでしか出来ない議論を活発に実施させていただいています。標準化団体であるTCGは、その技術を社会... READ MORE

Trusted Platform Module 2.0: A Brief Introduction

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has been addressing the trust issue – and related security benefits – for PCs, servers, networking gear and embedded systems for more than a decade, driven by the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) specification. Latest Version: Trusted Platform Module 2.0: A Brief Introduction Latest TPM Specification: TPM Library Specification... READ MORE

TCG TPM I2C Interface Specification

The Trusted Computing Group TPM I2C Interface Specification is an industry specification that defines an I2C Interface for TPM 2.0. As this specification defines only the interface for the I2C-TPM a suitable platform specification must be considered additionally to allow the design of a platform specific I2C-TPM. It is expected that the reader of this specification is familiar with the PTP [2].... READ MORE

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