Dr. Michael Willett Talks Self-Encrypting Drives During TCG Seminar


The Trusted Computing Group and the drive industry have standardized self-encrypting drives (SED): encryption is implemented directly in drive hardware and electronics. Mature SED products are now available from all the major drive companies, both HDD (rotating media) and SSD (solid-state drive) for both laptops and the data center.

SED-based encryption has documented advantages, including simplified management, robust security, cost reduction, regulation compliance, scalable, interoperable, integrated, and transparency.

Combining superior strengths of SSDs with enhanced security provided by self-encryption is a highly robust combination, especially for police, military, and government use, but also for the “road warriors” of any business or institution. SSDs have the following advantages when compared to a hard-disk drive (HDD; rotating media): reduced TCO (total cost of ownership), increased productivity, better performance, more shock resistance, better reliability, and less power use.

Watch here: http://player.vimeo.com/video/40668156