ESUKOM Demo: Automated Mobile Security

White Paper

The increasing use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs introduce new threats to enterprise IT networks. While most of the well known security programs such as desktop firewalls, antivirus and hard drive encryption work pretty well for laptops, they are still not available for these kinds of mobile devices. The only way to keep your network secure is by providing additional security on the central IT infrastructure.

The ESUKOM research project aims at leveraging IF-MAP to provide automated security in mobile device environments without the
need for human interaction. The project will bring IF-MAP support to several key open-source products like Snort (intrusion
detection), Iptables (firewall) and ISC DHCP server, to the products of two commercial vendors: NCP engineering (VPN software) and Mikado Soft (NAC solution) and provide an IF-MAP Android client.

The demonstration will show data from all systems listed above being published to the MAP server and an automated security
response by the NCP VPN solution and Iptables to different threats originating from a smartphone.