Expanded IF-MAP 2.0 Addresses a Broader Set of Applications

White Paper

Changes in IF-MAP 2.0 enable new applications in fields such as cloud computing, Industrial Control Systems and SCADA security, physical security, and more. This whitepaper describes those changes and the potential implications.

To enable and ease new applications of IF-MAP, TCG has now separated IF-MAP into a base protocol (IF-MAP 2.0) and a set of network security metadata (IF-MAP Metadata for Network Security 1.0). Now innovators can employ the base protocol without having to worry about the network security aspects. Because MAP servers are metadata-independent, they can be used for any application. Innovators only need to develop IF-MAP client code for their application. Several open source libraries can be used to ease this.
To read the complete white paper, please download “Expanded IF-MAP 2.0 Addresses a Broader Set of Applications.”