Implementing Hardware Roots of Trust

White Paper

SANS Institute has developed a first-of-its-kind guide and informational webcast to update organizations on exciting new uses for implementing hardware roots of trust, enabled by the Trusted Platform Module.
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Learn How to Implement a Ubiquitous Technology Already Embedded in Enterprise Endpoints

In this document SANS looks at the broad industry support for TPM, the standards behind it. The report also provides updates on how TPMs are widely used in many computing devices, from mobile phones to low-cost Chromebook computers to high-end servers. Operating system support, including Windows, is also reviewed with discussion of the TPMÍs security capabilities in Windows 8 and the upcoming Windows 8.1. The report also examines how self-encrypting drives, or SEDs can be used for additional enterprise security and data protection.

This paper details how the TPM measures and verifies the state of a system to ensure it has not been tampered with or injected with malware. Among other things, readers will learn:

The paper is associated with an archived informational webcast featuring Gal Shpantzer and John Pescatore from the SANS Institute. Joining them are CiscoÍs Stacy Cannady, TPM expert, and Chris Hallum, MicrosoftÍs product manager for Windows Security Solutions and expert on roots of trust.

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To learn more about how TPM can best be implemented visit the recorded webcast at no charge and click the register button here: