Securing the Internet of Things: New Ways to Deploy Trust in Enterprise Computing Beyond the PC


Today, just about every device or machine in an office, factory, distribution center or any other enterprise is a computer or contains a computer of some sort. No longer are computers limited to desktop PCs and servers and to complicate IT matters, all of these non-PC computing devices are connected in some way.

As we are learning, this new era of constant computing and always-on connectivity presents significant new challenges to security. While we are making progress securing traditional PCs, other devices remain vulnerable, as has been proven in a spate of attacks and hacks to infrastructure and auto electronics. In just the last year, the awareness and dependence on services delivered by cloud infrastructure has exploded, making that delivery method increasingly vulnerable. And unmanaged mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, have added another level of complexity and concern to IT and security staff.

How can enterprises ensure that all of these devices are made secure? What about connectivity among devices? What is the role of underlying industries standards as a baseline for trusting these various elements and protecting against massive breaches, malware and attacks? This webcast will offer new information and visionary commentary from experts with the Trusted Computing Group, which is addressing embedded system security, mobile solutions and the cloud.

Watch the webcast here: