Architect’s Guide: Comply to Connect Using TNC Technology

Architects Guide

Comply to Connect is a standards-based approach to managing access to corporate networks, both from within and with¬out, on multiple devices as long as the health and state of the devices can be verified.

Just as risk is not a binary (yes or no) concept, neither is compli­ance. Comply to Connect solutions allow an organization to set policies that define granular access to resources, and enable devices and users to demonstrate ongoing compliance with those policies.

Both commercial and open source developers have embraced technology from the Trusted Computing Group’s (TCG’s) Trust­ed Network Connect (TNC) work group to build products ideally suited for implementing solutions for continuous monitoring of device security while enabling mobility and flexibility for users. This Architect’s Guide shows security architects how they can design and deploy successful multi-platform Comply to Connect solutions based on the open TNC architecture and standards.