TCG PC Client Reference Integrity Manifest Specification


This specification complies with the Reference Integrity Manifest  Information Model  and provides additional requirements for PC Client platforms that adhere to the TCG PC Client Platform Firmware Profile specification. This specification describes the RIM file formats, RIM storage locations within the PC Client, and provides references for the content of the RIM support files.

The TCG PC Client Platform Firmware Profile  defines a TCG Event Log that captures hashes of firmware and software, firmware configuration settings, and events that are critical to boot operations of the device that extend into the TPM’s Platform Configuration Registers (PCRs). The TCG Event Log can be used by an Attester to serve as the “PCR Log Values” described in the TCG Trusted Attestation Protocol (TAP) Information Model  that is sent to the Verifier as part of an attestation request. The Verifier needs reference information in order to validate the log information being sent by the Attester.

The Verifier is also responsible for validating the TPM Quote information sent by the Attester. The PC Client RIM is critical in terms of creating values that can be used to validate the TPM Quote.

The PC Client RIM is limited to the integrity reference information necessary for TPM Quote validation by a Verifier for measurements taken during the Attester’s boot cycle.