TCG Trusted Multi-Tenant Infrastructure Use Cases


The Trusted Multi-tenant Infrastructure (TMI) use case document describes the foundational relationships between various components within a shared infrastructure environment and how they interact based on three core functions: establishment of trusted context between parties, exchange of information between parties in a trusted context, and enforcement of policy.

Use cases are divided into three categories including generic, provider, and consumer to examine the various relationships that are necessary for trusted multi-tenancy. Describing in detail the relationships between providers and consumers the TMI use case document addresses separation of duties, trusted provisioning of resources, monitoring activities, management interfaces, policy administration, and change management necessary for trusted multi-tenant infrastructure environments. Outlining detailed interactions between system components and presenting architectural building blocks for each use case provides the TMI with a mature foundation to develop a reference framework that defines trusted multi-tenancy implementation requirements and creates a library of re-usable patterns, based on industry standards, to produce policy compliant secure solutions for industry utilization.