RSA Conference 2015 and the IoT – Lots of Great Content Next Week

Date Published: April, 15, 2015

IoT remains a hot topic and RSA Conference 2015 is no exception. We hope you will join us on Monday, April 20 for a rock star panel on this topic. Rich Nass, OpenSystems, will moderate and be joined by Darin Andersen, CyberUnited; Stacy Cannady, Cisco; and Chuck Benson, University of Washington. This group will offer a lively and informative look at the unsecured IoT, challenges in making it more secure and potential uses and applications for trust – whether in devices or infrastructure.

Of course our TCG session will also offer a look at the growing acceptance and role of trust in traditional IT enterprise security, in a panel led by Paul Roberts of with David Bossio of Microsoft and Amy Nelson of Dell. While pretty much all PCs and most servers, as well as embedded systems, ship with a TPM, how should it and can it be used today? What new advances in the OS and with applications are driving TPM use? What is the future of the TPM?

A third panel will look at mobile security. Jai Vijayan, technology industry journalist, will lead a panel with Lee Neely, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Jon Geater, Trustonic; and Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform. This group will examine how mobile devices are dealing with growing security attacks, what trust can do to make them more secure and the state of a new and improved mobile platform.

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If, after this, you yearn for more, we would suggest checking out the CyberTech Securing the Internet of Things Forum with speakers and panels on security, privacy, innovation and policy. Our panelist Darin Andersen hosts this with a number of great industry speakers and sponsors. Learn more or register here,

See you in San Francisco! P.S. Don’t miss a record number of TCG demos that will be available in addition to the panels – many brand new and focused on the IoT and embedded security in addition to network security, virtual smart card, data protection and more.



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