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Securing the IoT with Trusted Computing Half-day Seminar and Demonstration Showcase

When: Monday, February 29, 2016 8:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Moscone West, Room 2002 (Seminar) & 2006 (Demonstration Showcase) 

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The free session included three thought-provoking panels and 20+ demonstrations of trust and standards in the enterprise and the IoT.

Keynote speaker Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst, ESG, discussed recent findings on security, networks and the cloud. IoT security expert Darin Andersen, chairman and founder of CyberTECH, led a panel on vulnerabilities in the IoT and how trust might support better security. Lee Wilson of Security Innovations and Max Senges of Google joined Andersen.

A second panel, moderated by Paul Roberts, founder and editor-in-chief, Security Ledger,
looked at the newest and best ways to implement the TPM. He was joined by Paul England, Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation and examined new tools in Windows 10 and by Matthew Garrett, Principal Security Software Engineer, CoreOS.

The third panel moderated by Derek Harp, Director for ICS Global Programs at SANS, focused on securing the connection and  included Steve Venema, senior architect of Polyverse Corporation, and Tony Sager, Senior Vice-President and Chief Evangelist, Center for Internet Security. The group looked at the issues related to connecting IoT devices and
securing legacy and new network connections.

Monty Wiseman, Intel Corporation, hosted an “ask the expert” on the #TPM, associated software and how to implement it.

TCG offered a limited number of the new book ,“A Practical Guide to TPM 2.0: Using the Trusted Platform Module in the New Age of Security”,
from Apress and TCG members from IBM, Intel and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory were at the event.

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Seminar Agenda:

RSAC 2016 Schedule

Seminar Agenda:
TimeTopicConfirmed Speaker
8:30 AMWelcome/Introduction to Session
Demos open in adjacent room
Mark Schiller, TCG Executive Director
8:40-9:15 AMKeynote: Trust-Based Security for Multi-Dimensional CloudsDoug Cahill, Senior Analyst for Cybersecurity, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
9:15-10:00 AMPanel 1: IoT, Trust and SecurityModerator: Darin Andersen, CEO and President, CyberTrust
Panelists: Lee Wilson, Product Development Engineer, Security InnovationMax Senges, Product Manager, Google
10:00-10:10 AMUpdate from TCG and Demo HighlightsMark Schiller, TCG Executive Director
10:10-10:55 AMPanel 2: Things to Do with the TPMModerator: Paul Roberts, Editor and Chief, Security Ledger
Panelists: Paul England, Software Architect, Microsoft CorporationMatthew Garrett, Principal Security Software Engineer, Core OS
10:55-11:05 AMBreak
11:05-11:50 AMPanel 3: Network Security in the IoTModerator: Derek Harp,Director ICS Global Programs, SANS
Panelists: Steve Venema, Senior Security Architect, PolyverseTony Sager, Senior VP and Chief Evangelist, Center for Internet Security
11:50-12:00 PMEnd of Seminar - Live Raffle Drawing for Prizes
12:00-12:30 PMDemonstration Showcase

Demonstration Showcase Participants:

anvaya-solutions-incThink Outside the Box - Secure Your TLS!!
Aruba NAC and Endpoint Defense for a Mobile Workforce
cisco-systemsHSR Loginfineon-technologies agSecuring IoT with Trusted Computing
cososysData Loss Prevention in Mixed Environments – Windows, Mac and Linux
dell-incEnabling Mission-Critical IoT Applications with a Dell Edge Gateway
bright-plaza-incOpen Source Management Software for SEDs
 Fraunhofer SIT LogoAdvanced Firmware Upgrade Schemes Using TPM 2.0 Enhanced Authorization Policies
fujitsuSecure Remote Maintenance for ECUs in a Car Using TPM
huawei-technologies-company        infineon-technologies agHuawei and Infineon Secure the IoT with TPM
infineon-technologies ag    Wibu SystemIP Protection and Flexible Licensing Applied to TPM Connected Devices
infineon-technologies ag  globalsign-nv-saScalable Strong Device Identity through Provisioning and Operation
 trusting iotLANDesk Remote Secure Erase
 trusting iotTrustworthy IoT Gateway
trusting iotTPM 2.0 Family Enabling for Linux
trusting iotEffective TPM 2.0 via Android and Representational State Transfer (RESTful) Architecture
trusting iotTrusting IoT Devices Using Remote Device Attestation
jw-secure-incJW Secure StrongNet Secure Admin
micron-technology-incSEDs: From the Notebook to the Server
microsoftEnterprise Ready IoT Devices
microsoftHealth Attestation for Windows Systems
pulse-secure-llcIntelligent Endpoint Compliance
  pulse-secure-llc Simplify Secure Access
tempered-networks“Cloaking” is the New Perimeter
winmagic-incSEDs in the IoT

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