Self-Encrypting Drives Take off for Strong Data Protection

Date Published: March, 01, 2010

About a year ago, Trusted Computing Group released the Opal Security Subsystem Class Specification for PC clients and the Enterprise Security Subsystem Class Specification for data center storage. These specifications provide a blueprint for hard disk drives, solid state drives and other storage devices that enable stronger data protection, help organizations comply with increasingly tough regulations and help protect important information from loss and theft.

Self-encrypting drives encrypt data on the fly in hardware, transparent to the user and system. If drives are lost or stolen, data is unavailable except to the authorized user. Drives can be very quickly and completely erased, making re-use or disposal efficient and safe.

Now, we are beginning to see real market momentum around these specifications. A number of vendors have developed products that support these specifications and are beginning to be deployed.

Products that support the TCG Opal SSC (Security Subsystem Class) used primarily in client (notebook and desktop) applications include:

Software to manage drives includes:

Embassy Trusted Drive Manager –

  • WinMagic Inc.

Solutions page for self encrypting drives –
SecureDoc FDE –
SecureDoc for Mac –
SecureDoc Enterprise Server –


On the enterprise/data center side, products are starting to emerge that support the TCG Storage Work Group’s Enterprise SSC (Security Subsystem Class). These include:


Seagate Secure: Drives get around. Data shouldn’t, vgnextoid=82cbe6f068d2d010VgnVCM100000dd04090aRCRD


Seagate Enterprise SED drives:

Seagate Laptop SED drives:

On the PC side, vendors such as Dell are making the Opal drives available in their business PCs.


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