Storage Work Group Storage Security Subsystem Class: Enterprise Summary

Date Published: January, 01, 2009
Trusted Computing Group Storage Work Group Summary
Enterprise Security Subsystem Class Specification
January 2009

Based on the growing number of security breaches involving lost or stolen storage and the continued governmental legislation requiring data security and breach notification, the marketplace is ready for a secure storage solution.

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has identified storage as a critical element of data security. The Storage Work Group within TCG develops specifications to address the security requirements for storage. With the release of the Enterprise Security Subsystem Class (SSC) specification, the Storage Work Group addresses security for fixed-media storage devices such as hard disc drives in high performance storage systems. This enables a more secure computing environment without compromising functional integrity. The primary goal is helping users protect their information assets from compromise. Data at rest protection assures the storage owner that if their storage device is lost or stolen, their data will not be accessible without proper authentication.

The Enterprise SSC specification enables the following:
1) Encrypts all user data on media (Full Disc Encryption – FDE using self
encrypting storage devices),
2) Provides access control to support organizational security policies with strong authentication and
3) Employs the Trusted Computing Group as a forum for critical security review, system architecture and interoperability

The Enterprise SSC specification was developed for easy of implementation while not compromising security. This specification supports the Enterprise
storage environment where there is a requirement for:
1) Minimum device security configuration during installation
2) The ability to bring devices On-Line quickly and
3) High performance with low overhead.

More information on the TCG and TCG Storage Work Group can be found on the TCG Web site.

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