Storage Work Group Storage Security Subsystem Class: Opal Summary

Date Published: January, 01, 2009
Trusted Computing Group
TCG Opal SSC Specification Summary
January 2009

The Trusted Storage Architecture Core Specification developed in the Storage Work Group provides a comprehensive definition of TCG-related functions for a TCG trusted storage device. However, trusted storage devices for particular target markets do not need to implement all Core
Specification functionality. The Opal SSC specifies such a minimum acceptable Core Specification capabilities of a storage device that is tailored for the PC client and value enterprise markets requirements.

The Opal SSC Specification:
1) specifies the mandated TCG Core Specification capabilities;
2) specifies optional TCG Core Specification capabilities; and
3) specifies how to activate the trusted storage device as well as
revert the trusted storage device to its manufacturing state

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