SWING – Storage Goes to Vegas Yet Again

Date Published: December, 10, 2014

Storage With Intense Network Growth, or SWING, is the theme of this year’s January 4-5, 2015 Storage Visions conference, which will host a number of storage technologies and products just ahead of the 2015 CES in Vegas.

This conference traditionally has been THE gathering spot for the storage industry and a forum to address trends. The upcoming conference plans to look at the issues and opportunities associated with the huge amounts of data being generated, the growing role of the cloud and how to protect all this content.

TCG once again is an association sponsor of this event. TCG members WinMagic, Micron, Samsung and Wave Systems will show attendees in Booth 209 how self-encrypting drives can manage and protect valuable content using always-on encryption in all kinds of storage formats.

TCG members also will discuss and debate security issues in a panel session. Session B1 “Finding and Keeping It Safe: Protecting, Finding, Storing and Recovering Personal and Commercial Content” will cover the challenges facing security and protection of stored content, including content on mobile devices as well as at home and in the cloud.Speakers and panelists include TCG members Michael Willett, Samsung and Robert Thibadeau, Wave Systems, along with Chris Bross, DriveSavers; Richard Fetik, Data Confidential; Sean Barry, Kroll-OnTrack; and Lance Dover, Micron.

Elsewhere on the show floor and in the conference sessions, companies including SanDisk, Quantum, IBM, Facebook, Sony and many others will address new developments in storage.

TCG and Storage Visions have teamed up to offer a discount on registration. Click here for event details.

TCG’s Press Release on Storage Visions can be found here.



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