TCG appoints distinguished 2020 Contributor Advisors

Date Published: January, 09, 2020

Experts from General Electric Corporation and ULINK Technology have been selected as 2020 Contributor Advisors for the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).

Monty Wiseman, Principal Engineer at General Electric Corporation, and Joseph Chen, CEO of ULINK Technology, will take on the role which involves advising TCG’s Board of Directors on major board decisions and speaking on behalf of their member company peers.

Both candidates have been selected for their industry expertise and knowledge, as well as their experience within TCG.

Joseph Chen
As CEO of ULINK Technology, Chen is dedicated to working on the design and development of HDD’s and SSD’s, supporting a variety of interfaces including NVMe, SATA, and SAS. Chen has vast experience in the field from the ground up, from his employment at Oak Technology to standing as Director of Engineering at both Samsung SSD & HSS and Cirrus Logic.

Chen has worked with TCG for many years, participating in defining its Opal specifications and testing its hardware and firmware. Leading the TCG Test Suite and Certification in ULINK, his involvement has resulted in the development of the Opal Family Certification Test Suites, which have since been certified by the TCG Storage Work Group as the compliance test lab.

Having directed the development of other TCG Storage testing suites such as the TCG Opal Test Cases 1.0 Test Suite, Enterprise Test Suite and Opal Application Note Test Suite, it is evident that Chen has a deep understanding of the industry. His appointment as Contributor Advisor has been well-considered and he will be a strong addition to the team as he has been an asset to the development of TCG’s operation in previous years.

Monty Wiseman
An expert in Platform Identity and Integrity, Wiseman has more than eighteen years of experience in the digital security industry. He has, in the past, been a leading contributor in various TCG specifications for platform key management, hardware and software identity. Currently a Principle Engineer at General Electric with a focus on security for their Industrial Internet Control Systems, Wiseman knows what it takes to reach the full potential of security in telecommunications.

Like Chen, Wiseman also has extensive experience in a range of roles within the field. Previously, he has held several senior architectural positions at Intel and taken the lead on products including TXT, Platform Trust Technology (PTT) and KPT for QuickAssist. He has also engineered for Novell, Sanyo/Icon, Fujitsu, Microelectronics, and Control Data Corporation. Even when computing was an infant phenomenon in 1974, Wiseman was assisting the development of software for the then-cutting-edge Altair 8800.

With 45 years’ worth of computing experience building and developing software, Wiseman has continually been working ahead of our time. Having such a critical industry expert is key for TCG and his input as Contributor Advisor will be invaluable.


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