Shiva Dasari, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Date Published: August, 30, 2016

Shiva Dasari is the Security CTO for the Data Center Infrastructure Group at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and is responsible for Servers, Storage, and Networking security technology, architecture, and Strategy.

Prior to HPE, Shiva served as the Security CTO for Lenovo’s Enterprise Business Group. Preceding to IBM System x acquisition by Lenovo, Shiva spent more than 18 years in the area of x86 server development in various roles including Chief Security Architect. As the Chief Security Architect, he was responsible for security architecture, strategy, and roadmap of IBM System x servers and networking products. He was instrumental in a number of industry leading security initiatives in IBM x86 server products including Flex Systems. Shiva was the driving force in making TPM standard in IBM x86 servers which significantly accelerated its penetration in to server ecosystem. Shiva was the pioneer in architecting and delivering an industry leading solution for securing IBM Integrated Management Modules (IMM) using security innovation in conjunction with TCG technologies. In addition to security architecture and strategy he is also a thought leader in Secure Development Life Cycle, Signing Server Infrastructure, Product Security Incident Handling Process, Supply Chain Security, and Security Certification processes. At both Lenovo and IBM, Shiva played an active role in various TCG forums including the Board, Technical Committee, PCCLIENT work group, and server work group.

Shiva has over 30 patents in the area of Security, Server Architecture, Memory, PCI, Error Handling, and Processor Architecture. Shiva holds a master’s degree in Software Systems. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).


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