Trust and the IoT at the IoT Evolution Developers Conference, Aug. 19-20

Date Published: August, 17, 2015

Since this month’s BlackHat conference in Vegas, the media and blogs have lit up with headlines about hacked Jeeps, Teslas with vulnerable software and potential nuclear meltdowns as a result of poorly secured industrial network. That’s just the tip of the Internet of Things security iceberg, of course.

Back in Vegas this month, Aug. 17-20, the IoT community will gather at the IoT Evolution Developers Conference with a terrific agenda of speakers and panelists. Organized by Embedded Computing Design, this event brings together developers with experts in fog computing, security, auto applications, cloud services and related, sensor data and open source development. The conference includes a security summit and a battle of the platforms. The event is billed as a hand-on training across the M2M and wearables, taking in every aspect of the IoT.

TCG’s own Stefan Thom, Microsoft and representative to the TCG Embedded Systems Work group, will talk to attendees about concepts of trust and the IoT and implementing trust to enable security. This is a common theme for TCG, but because we know that establishing a root of trust is an effective way to secure devices, data and networks, it makes sense to share some ideas with developers who might be new to security and trusted computing.

Stefan’s talk on Wed., Aug. 19, 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. is titled “How and Why to Make the IoT Trusted”.  He will address establishing a strong hardware device identity to enable measurable trust for IoT devices and their data.
Thom also will participate in a panel session, also on Wed., Aug. 19, 4:30 p.m., on “The Biggest IoT Challenges Faced by Developers.” He will be joined by panelists David Kleidermacher, BlackBerry, Christian Legare, Micrium, and Chuck Byers, Cisco Systems.

TCG recently published both a new architect’s guide on IoT and security ( A more detailed document, Guidance to IoT Security developed by TCG with input across the computing industry, is available here.



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