Trust and Manufacturing: TCG Expert Explains Role of Trust and Security in Sept. 9 Conference

Date Published: September, 01, 2016

Manufacturers worldwide are deeply concerned about protecting their processes, intellectual property, products and brands. While hacking of baby monitors and thermostats might grab headlines, larger problems are looming as manufacturers of all kinds of items battle growing security issues.

Stacy Cannady, TCG expert and long-time work group contributor, will speak on September 9 at an event that will help leaders in industry understand the IoT and security risks – including manufacturing.

The session will cover:

What is a trusted manufacturing process? What is the value of a trusted manufacturing process to both the OEM (original-equipment manufacturer) and customer? What is the benefit of OEMs investing in this? What ROI (return on investment) can you expect?

These questions and so much more will be answered during The Peggy Smedley Institute, being held on September 9 at the San Diego Marriott Del Mar. The special one-day event will take a deep drive into the IoT as it relates to manufacturing. Are you prepared?

Stacy Canady, CISSP and Technical Marketing for Trustworthy Computing TRIAD (Threat Response, Intelligence, and Development), Cisco Systems, will answer these questions during his two-part presentation.

Trusted manufacturing begins with a secure development lifecycle, and continues with manufacturing controls designed to provide evidence that the products built match the approved design. Stacy will discuss with the group the principles of trust that the standards-body Trusted Computing Group lays out in its specifications and how these apply as an example in the case of Cisco.

So if you are looking to lower costs of design, manufacturing, counterfeiting, while ensuring brand protection and enhancement, this is the session for you!

For a complete list of all the sessions and speakers, please visit the Institute’s site,


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