Trusted Computing Focus of Cybersecurity Innovation Forum (CIF) January 28-30, 2014

Date Published: January, 01, 2014

Later this month, gurus in cybersecurity and related fields from industry, the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) with the Department of Homeland Security, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Security Agency will gather in Baltimore, Md. at the Cybersecurity Forum (CIF) to address the existing threat landscape and provide presentations and information on current and emergence practices, technologies and standards.

Not surprisingly, TCG and trusted computing will play a big role in this event. In fact, a whole track is dedicated to the topic.

The complete agenda can be seen here. Highlights include:

– A panel on secure boot, with experts from Microsoft, Dell, Intel, HP and Phoenix Technologies
– A session device identity, with Microsoft and the NSA
– A panel on device health, with JWSecure, Microsoft, Wave Systems and the NSA
– Details on using the Windows 8 platform crypto provider and the TPM, led by Microsoft
– Implementing TCG’s Opal standards for self-encrypting drives, led by Samsung
– The future of trusted apps and how to develop them, led by DMI

Additional sessions in the Trusted Computing track will address assurance and isolation. What’s interesting here is the focus on implementation and how-to. No debates on trusted computing, just specific advice on using it now with systems and software available.

Several interesting keynotes are interwoven into the conference. These include a White House discussion on cybersecurity, a discussion of the executive order on cybersecurity, and a panel on mobile security.

Interoperability, the general roles of standards for cybersecurity and other topics also will be addressed by industry and government speakers.

TCG is a sponsor of the ice cream social so don’t miss that as well as demos and exhibits from TCG members though out event.

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