Trusted Computing Group RSA Conference Session Will Show Security Solutions for Internet of Things, Networks, and Devices

Date Published: February, 24, 2016

Trusted Comptuing Group RSA Conference Session Will Show Security Solutions for Internet of Things, Networks and Devices

Event Also Includes Keynote from Doug Cahill, ESG; Panels and Ask the Expert for Trusted Platform Module

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 24, 2015 – Trusted Computing Group and members will demonstrate to RSA Conference attendees a variety of solutions to help secure vulnerable networks, devices and the Internet of Things in its February 29 session, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in Moscone West 2002/2006.Doug Cahill, ESG, will keynote, followed by three panels with Darin Andersen, CyberTech; Max Senges, Google; Lee Wilson, Security Innovation; Paul Roberts, Security Ledger; Paul England, Microsoft; Matthew Garrett, CoreOS; Derek Harp, SANS Institute; Steve Venema, PolyVerse; and Tony Sager, Center for Internet Security.

Demonstrations include: 

  • Increasing security of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol: Anvaya Solutions
  • Network access control and endpoint security for mobile devices: Aruba
  • Securing a smart building with Trusted Network Communications (TNC) and Trusted Platform Modules (TPM): Cisco, HSR and Infineon
  • Data loss prevention for mixed operating system environments: CoCoSys
  • Intelligent gateways to securely manage vehicle info-tainment and engine control modules: Dell
  • Open source management software for self-encrypting drives (SEDs): Drive Trust Alliance
  • Secure firmware updates for vehicles using the TPM: Fraunhofer SIT
  • Secure remote maintenance for vehicle engine control units using the TPM and TNC protocols: Fujitsu
  • Security for the IoT: Industrial Internet Consortium
  • Validation of software and application security for IoT devices connected to the cloud: Huawei and Infineon
  • Protection of intellectual property by the TPM: Infineon and Wibu Systems
  • Remote secure erase of self-encrypting drives: Intel
  • Securing an IoT gateway with the TPM: Intel
  • Using the TPM with Linux for secure IoT, PC, server and other applications: Intel
  • Using the TPM in smart home applications with Android-based tablets: Intel
  • Remote attestation with the TPM for IoT devices to ensure identity and authentication: Intel
  • Managed solid state self-encrypting drives in PCs and TCG specification-based enterprise RAID storage systems for data protection: Micron
  • Enterprise-level privileged account management for BYOD and cloud computing with the TPM: JW Secure
  • Security for IoT devices with Windows 10 Core IoT and TPM: Microsoft
  • Assurance of device health for Windows systems with the TPM: Microsoft
  • Endpoint posture evaluation and secure access for BYOD, guest and corporate devices using TNC specifications: Pulse Secure
  • Context-based, seamless remote and local secure access and single sign-on with TNC specifications: Pulse Secure
  • Ensuring trust and security for devices in the IoT, mobile or public cloud with TNC specifications: Tempered Networks
  • Scalable strong device identity in the IoT with PKI service and the TPM: GlobalSign and Infineon
  • Authenticating and managing IoT devices, specifically ATMs, with self-encrypting drives: WinMagic

Attendees will be eligible to win a free silver sponsorship of the Drive Trust Alliance for advocacy and open source support of self-encrypting drives; a Google OnHub contributed by Infineon; five Intel SSD Pro self-encrypting drives; three Micron M600 solid state self-encrypting drives; and a Raspberry Pi development kit and daughterboard, contributed by Infineon. For the complete demonstration guide, click here
TCG also will offer a limited number of copies of “A Practical Guide to TPM 2.0: Using the Trusted Platform Module in the New Age of Security” and a chance to meet a co-author, along with Ask the Expert about the TPM and media sponsors Embedded Computing Design and the Security Ledger.

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