Trusted Computing Group to Sponsor June 2015 Embedded TechCon Event and Speak on Role of Trust in a Secure Internet of Things

Date Published: May, 01, 2015

Portland, Oregon, USA, May 26, 2015Trusted Computing Group, a standards group working to help secure the IoT and other computing devices and infrastructure, will participate as a speaker and association sponsor at Embedded TechCon on June 8th-10th, 2015.

Stefan Thom, senior security architect/software development engineer, Microsoft and TCG member representative for IoT, will speak on June 10, 4:30 p.m., on “Applying Trusted Brokered IO As the Trust Boundary and Policy Enforcement Point in Hardware for IoT Devices.” To register, go to

Embedded TechCon features classes taught by leading industry experts that will cover key embedded topics like IoT, automotive, and security, while drawing from the industry’s roots with topics like firmware development, debugging, and open-source hardware and software. The event is hosted by OpenSystems Media as an extension of its on-line educational program, known as Embedded University, and is co-hosted with the Design Automation Conference at Moscone Center, San Francisco.

“The security of legacy and new IoT devices is a huge concern for all of us in the industry,” noted Mark Schiller, TCG executive director. “Embedded TechCon offers developers and others a great way to learn more about these security vulnerabilities and how to create more secure systems with proven concepts of trust.”

TCG recently published “TCG Guidance for Securing the IoT” that includes typical IoT security use cases and provides guidance for applying TCG technology to those use cases. The group also recently a new specification for use of the TPM in automotive applications and displayed a number of demos for IoT applications during the recent RSA event. More information about TCG and IoT security can be found at

To view the complete schedule for Embedded TechCon and to register, visit:

Companies wishing to join TCG in its standards development efforts can find more information on membership at

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Trusted Computing Group announced that its TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) Library Specification was approved as a formal international standard under ISO/IEC (the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission). TCG has 90+ specifications and guidance documents to help build a trusted computing environment.

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