WIBU-Systems at the SAE World Congress with its answer to IoT security

Date Published: April, 13, 2016

Wibu-Systems joins the Trusted Computing Group to leverage Trusted Platform Modules as secure licensing elements

Karlsruhe, Germany – April 12, 2016 -To further ramp up the versatility that characterizes its flagship technology, Wibu-Systems is joining the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and offering CodeMeter as a secure licensing platform for all TPM users to monetize their business.

As part of this, Wibu-Systems is also expanding its hardware compatibility lineup to include support for Trusted Platform Modules (TPM). CodeMeter features ever growing support on multiple fronts: an unparalleled range of hardware platforms, including PCs, mobile devices, embedded systems, PLCs, and microcontrollers, a matchless lineup of secure elements that spans across dongles, memory cards, TPMs, cloud, and software-based repositories, and full integration with all major operating systems used in offices and industrial environments.

Attackers often use reverse engineering to find software vulnerabilities which they can exploit to create counterfeit products and steal sensitive data or tamper with for sabotage and espionage purposes. With embedded systems, this can lead to serious and dangerous hacks, as recent attacks on safety-critical automotive components have shown. Wibu-Systems CodeMeter creates secured code and licenses that can be bound to a secure element in the target system, ensuring that the code and the licensed features are only used on that system. License creation and deployment can be seamlessly integrated into existing business processes, such as ERP systems or e-commerce platforms. This mechanism opens up com¬pletely new business models, such as feature upselling and time-based or pay-per-use licenses, for the IoT and other intelligent devices.

“Our goal is to broaden the support for secure elements in all connected devices; the support of TCG specifications will streamline software licensing to all TPM 2.0 users, enabling new business opportunities, and propelling secure software monetization in the IoT world. CodeMeter, which was recently named SIIA Business Technology CODiE Award finalist for Best Content Rights & Entitlement Solution, integrates perfectly with the existing architecture and offers new revenue streams with lean integration and a small footprint”, says Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems.

“TCG welcomes the contributions of Wibu-Systems and its support for the TPM with its CodeMeter solutions,” said Mark Schiller, Trusted Computing Group executive director. “The ability to protect code and intellectual property is a key benefit of using the TPM in many enterprise, embedded and Internet of Things environments.”

TCG is a not-for-profit organization, formed to develop, define, and promote open, vendor-neutral, global industry standards, supporting a hardware-based root of trust for interoperable trusted computing platforms, including embedded systems and the IoT. Its industry standard (ISO) TPM specifications are estimated to secure billions of endpoints, and other TCG specifications for secure networks and self-encrypting drives are implemented widely in products by thousands of manufacturers.

Wibu-Systems already offered a demonstration of “IP Protection and Flexible Licensing Applied to TPM Connected Devices” at the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco as part of the TCG “Securing the Internet of Things with Trusted Computing” initiative. The next showcase opportunity can be enjoyed this week at the SAE World Congress, where TCG members will demonstrate solutions for automotive and Internet of Things security at the TechHub on April 14th. In both cases, Wibu-Systems has chosen an Infineon OPTIGATM TPM to show how to protect software integrity against cyber violations and safeguard the intellectual property of businesses.

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