New JRF-TCG Workshop to Deliver Next Generation Cyber Security for Japan

Date Published: February, 20, 2024


Protecting companies and public sector organisations from cyber attacks will be the key topic of an open workshop being held by TCG’s Japan Regional Forum (JRF) at the Hilton Tokyo on February 29. The event will illustrate the advancements being made to protect internet connected devices through the use of Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) and other remote attestation technologies.

The workshop will provide a forum for TCG members, developers, users, and policy makers involved in information security to discuss and exchange their views on the current landscape of cyber security. Including collaborations with industry titans such as NEC, the event will examine the latest trends in cyber security, including Post Quantum Computing (PQC) and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). Key discussions on Zero Trust, Interoperability and Cross Device, Cross Industry and Supply Chain Security will also be held.

“As we enter the 25th anniversary of the TCG, we are delighted to be returning to Japan for the first time in ten years,” said TCG President, Joe Pennisi. “The JRF has been pivotal in ensuring greater education and adoption of TCG technologies within the region, and this workshop will provide an opportunity to learn more about the latest advancements capable of enhancing the security profiles of businesses in an age where attacks are becoming increasingly complex.”

The increasing number of connected devices, as well as the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), means businesses now require new security methods capable of detecting unauthorized access in order to protect sensitive or critical data from being exploited.

Taking place at the Hilton Tokyo on February 29, the JRF’s open workshop will highlight the TCG remote attestation technologies capable of identifying and preventing cyber attacks, empowering Japanese businesses to accurately measure and verify the integrity of their devices within their networks.

Participants will learn about recent cyber security threats, and the necessity of countermeasures and technologies for organizations within the industry, academia, government, and private sectors. They will also see demonstrations of devices and equipment already leveraging TCG remote attestation technologies to enhance the security of their networks.

Mitsutaka Hori, Threat Information Analyst, Early Warning Group, JPCERT/CC, will be delivering a keynote address and attendees will also hear from experts from across the cyber security industry, including Tsukasa Kobayasi, NEC and JRF member, Ned Smith, TCG Attestation Work Group Chair, Guy Federov, Juniper Networks, and Chris Fenner, TPM Work Group Chair. Details of further sessions will be announced over the next week.

Registration for the Workshop remains open until February 26. For more information, visit

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