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Self-Encrypting Drives Take off for Strong Data Protection

Date Published: March, 01, 2010

About a year ago, Trusted Computing Group released the Opal Security Subsystem Class Specification for PC clients and the Enterprise Security Subsystem Class Specification for data center storage. These specifications provide a blueprint for hard disk dri… READ MORE


Date Published: February, 04, 2010

投稿者 TCG in Action ※これは2010年2月4日にTCG公式サイトのコミュニティーページ(英語版)に掲載された原文を日本語に直接訳した文章です。詳細につきましては、原文を参照いただきます… READ MORE

Trusted Storage Arrives!

Date Published: January, 01, 2009

With apologies to Shakespeare: To be or not to be trusted storage, that is the question. The question is answered - "be trusted" - with the publication of the major work effort of the TCG Storage Work Group. That effort has been intensive and has activ… READ MORE