Webcast: Protecting Intellectual Property in the IoT with Trusted Computing


Loss of IP Can Cost Companies Millions _ or Even the Business. Join this Webcast to Learn How to Protect Data in the Internet of Things

Attackers often use reverse engineering to locate software vulnerabilities that they then
can exploit to create counterfeit products, steal sensitive data, or tamper with for sabotage and espionage purposes.

In IoT and embedded systems, this can lead to serious and dangerous hacks, as recent attacks on safety-critical automotive components have shown. How can developers protect against such attacks?

This webcast will discuss widely vetted industry standards and solutions to protect software integrity against cyber violations and safeguard the intellectual property. The webcast will provide a brief overview of the TPM and how it is being used to create secured code and licenses. Attendees will learn how these licenses can be bound to a secure element and integrated into existing business processes. Speakers from TCG members Infineon and WIBU also will answer questions about this approach.